‘Teen Mom’ Star Taylor Selfridge Slams Claims Cory Wharton Is An Anti-Vaxxer

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Teen Mom OG star Taylor Selfridge does not hold back on social media. She’ll fire back at trolls whenever she has to. No questions asked. But when it comes to the health of her child, she wants people to mind their business. On Wednesday, Jan. 22, she fired back at claims that her boyfriend Cory Wharton is an anti-vaxxer.

She slammed fans who criticized their choice. But fans have every right to be concerned. Some critics would say that Taylor and Cory are already putting their child in danger. She took to Instagram Story, to call out those haters once again.

Taylor Selfridge tells critics it’s “none of your business”

As In Touch reported, she responded to the criticism over Cory Wharton’s decision not to vaccinate their child. Of course, that was met with backlash. Taylor didn’t like what she was reading. So, she had to address it. On her Instagram Story, she filmed a video of herself addressing the criticism.

“Believe it or not, but what I choose to do with my child is none of your business,” the 25-year-old wrote in a clip of herself pursing her lips at the camera.

This comes after both Taylor and Cory announced that they will not vaccinate their child. During Cory’s Instagram Live chat on Tuesday, Jan. 21, a fan asked him if he plans to vaccinate his new bundle of joy.

“Nope!” the 28-year-old responded. Several viewers took to Instagram and Twitter to comment on the reality star’s controversial decision. Some of them accused Cory of being an anti-vaxxer.

Fans on Twitter shared screenshots of an Instagram Story that Taylor posted and then deleted. She backtracked on her previous comments and said that they do plan to vaccinate their child once it’s born. It’s still not clear what decision the parents plan to make, but fans are certainly concerned.

“I don’t know who needs to hear, but vaccinate your children,” The Challenge alum wrote in the comments on Instagram. “Girl you know exactly who needs to hear this, LOL. @CoryWharton.”

Teen Mom fans weigh in on anti-vaccination debate

Other fans have been weighing in over this heavy debate. Most agree that Cory’s decision is irresponsible considering his oldest daughter Ryder has a weakened immune system, as reported by In Touch. Others believe that he will have a change of heart if Ryder ever ends up sick. Other fans support the couple and argue that modern medicine isn’t a quick fix for everything.

If the couple does choose not to vaccinate their daughter, they won’t be the only Teen Mom couple to make this decision. Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez received backlash for announcing they chose not to vaccinate their son, Lux. Lowry told In Touch Weekly that they had to decide what was right for their child as well as their family.

Selfridge claps back at trolls once again

It’s been a busy week for the reality star on Instagram. Earlier this week, she shared photos of her gender reveal with fans. Instead of celebrating with her, one troll decided to attack her, according to In Touch. They wrote that Wharton will never love their child because he already has a daughter with his ex Cheynne Floyd.

“Why would you want to have a kid with someone who already had a child?” the troll asked. “His heart is already taken!”

“So because he has a child he can never be with anyone else or love another child that is his?” Taylor fired back. “Makes sense.”


However, Cory has been showing plenty of love for his unborn child. Back in October 2019, he said that Taylor’s pregnancy announcement came as a “surprise.” He then revealed that he’s “excited” to have their first child together. He’s looking forward to the ups and downs that come with pregnancy and raising a family. Cory and Taylor look forward to giving Ryder a little sister that she can love and play with.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Selfridge and Cory Wharton’s decision not to vaccinate their child? Sound off below in the comments section.

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