Chase Rice Is Not Happy ABC Used Him for Drama on ‘The Bachelor’

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It turns out that Chase Rice is not very happy about the way that ABC used him for on The Bachelor 2020. Nash Country Daily shared about what is going on with Chase. He actually used to date Victoria F who is on this season of the show.

Chase Rice’s new music

Chase Rice just came out with a new album. Of course, he is trying to promote it. Part of doing this is that he will be on the show The Bachelor this week. He will be performing a song for a date that Peter Weber and Victoria F go on.

The Bachelor drama

It turns out that Peter Weber, Victoria F and Chase Rice had no idea what was going on. Chase knew that he was simply coming on the show to perform. Peter knew he was taking Victoria, but everyone did not know that they used to date.

Chase spoke to The Ty Bentli Show and he is unhappy about how it went down. Here is what Chase had to say.

“The thing is, I knew [Victoria F.] was going to be on the show going into the very beginning of it, and we talked about it. We were just like, ‘You know what? They’re not going to do that. There’s no way. They’re not going to involve me in the storyline.”

It turns out that Chase was wrong and that is exactly what they did. He feels like they threw him under the bus. The thing is he is not happy about it. It doesn’t sound like anyone was happy about how it went down on the ABC show. He went on to say, “I have zero desire to be part of some BS reality TV drama.” Chase actually went ahead and dropped his album right before the show would air. This way it will help promote it and at least he got something out of ABC bringing him into this drama-filled season.

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