‘Below Deck’ Boys’ Club Gets Backlash From Fans On Social Media

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Below Deck’s boys’ club is not a hit with fans. As TV Shows Ace reported, fans took to social media to share their feelings on Season 7 and they’re not happy. Comedian Leslie Jones has also watched the show and recently called bosun Ashton Pienaar “misogynistic.” He hasn’t taken too well to the accusations.

Of course, starring in a popular reality series comes with its share of disadvantages. It’s not for everyone, including those with a thin skin. The male cast members have received online criticism for their gross behavior on the show.

The boys’ club receives online backlash

While you can chalk it up to bad edits, that’s not the case about this season. It’s about the misogyny that’s been a huge part of Below Deck since its inception. The misogynistic behavior has only been amplified this season since all  of the men exhibit this type of behavior. Fans were shocked to see Pienaar forcibly kissing Kate and punching the window in a drunken rage in a van.

He also turned his fellow male deckhands against Rhylee Gerber. During his appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Pienaar insisted that she was to blame. On the show, the boys’ club expressed their hate over Gerber and her behavior. Fellow deckhands Tanner Sterback and Brian de Saint Pern have also revealed that her explosive behavior turned them off, which is why they isolated her and talked about her behind her back.

Below Deck fans have used Twitter to lash out at the boys’ club, including chef Kevin Dobson, as reported by Showbiz CheatSheet. No one is shy on their criticism about all the men on the boat.

Tanner Sterback and his mom fight online trolls

Now, Tanner Sterback and his family are in the crossfires. Some Below Deck fans have gotten out line of and dragged his family into their hate. While Sterback has relatively kept quiet about the backlash, he spoke out about the recent criticisms. He opened up about it in a new post on Instagram.


“Staring down the rest of the season like,” Sterback wrote. “New episode tonight will surely rattle some cages.”

One fan reminded him that he didn’t allow Gerber to sit at the lunch table with the rest of them. The scene looked like something out of high school. Sterback claims that the entire incident took only “3 secs in real life” and that no one else got up for her.

He went on to blame the other women on the show. However, Sterback and Pienaar were the ones sitting at either end of the lunch table. They were the ones who didn’t let Gerber sit next to them. The female crew members couldn’t move over since they were stuck in the middle.

Sterback’s mother took to Twitter, which Gerber shared to her Twitter page. Tanner’s mom was disappointed to learn that her son and her family have received so much criticism. She blames Captain Lee Rosbach for starting the social media tirade. However, that tweet backfired on her. It caused more Below Deck fans to make some not-so-nice comments about her son and the rest of the deck crew.

‘Below Deck’ star Ashton Pienaar address Rhyle Gerber’s “boys’ club” accusations

On an episode of The Daily Dish, Pienaar shared his sentiments on Season 7. He claims that most of his inappropriate remarks about the women were done out of jest. Then he was asked if there was anything that his female crew members or the fans have gotten wrong about him. Pienaar addressed the “misogynistic” and “boys’ club” accusations.

“The whole misogynistic thing and the whole boys-verse girls thing, that’s kind of the theme of the way the season has gone. And, you know, I don’t look at it as another boys’ thing, as this female-against-male thing. If the guys had issues with Kate [Chastain] and Rhylee [Gerber] throughout the season – that’s what it [is].”

Then Pienaar went on to blame Gerber once again for her attitude. He took a social media break to avoid the online backlash. He’s been on an apology tour and has taken some “time to self-reflect on everything that has taken place.”

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