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Anna Duggar Faces Backlash For Taking Kids To Pro-Life Rally

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Anna Duggar recently shared a post on social media and revealed that she went to a pro-life march. In her post, she wrote, “Several of us enjoyed participating in the local #MarchforLife in NW Arkansas yesterday afternoon. What an encouragement to see many of all ages taking a peaceful and prayerful stand to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. What a gift each precious life is! #prolife #littleduggars“.

In her post, she shared pictures and a video of the march. In the pictures, a few of her six kids are holding up pro-life posters.

Anna’s followers respond to her pro-life post

Abortion is a controversial issue. So, naturally, Anna’s post was well-received by some. Others didn’t take the pro-life post very well. In response, some agreed with what Anna had said and that she had brought her kids along. They supported her and her family.

There were plenty of people who disliked her post too. One said, “Pro choice ALWAYS #mybodymychoicemyvoice”.

Another said, “This makes me so sad. I’ve yet to see any legitimate, scientific argument for protecting embryos. Embryos are not babies. And if all you can say to ‘prove’ they are is something religion-based, you’ve proved my point. Women should be lifting other women up and supporting their right to choose what happens in their own bodies. If a person is not right for you, that is fine and we all respect it. But please stop trying to set us all back by trying to get the law to dictate what other women choose to do with their own bodies.”

While some fans of the Duggar family may not agree with their position on the issue, some approached it respectfully, including one fan who said, “It’s so funny seeing these comments about people judging and bashing Anna for taking her kids. Everyone had the right to their own opinions but what you don’t have the right to do is judge. I am pro-choice but I can fully respect others views as others should respect yours. We don’t have to agree but we have to be kind!”

Duggar family attends pro-life march

Anna and her kids aren’t the only family members who attended the March for Life rally. On the official Duggar family Instagram page, the family shared a few photos at the same event. They also got some mixed responses from this. TV Shows Ace reported on the debate that began in the comments section of the post.

Because the family is in the public eye, they receive criticism and love on all of their posts. Some of them have chosen to clap back at their haters in the past. The main Duggar family Instagram page, which seems to be run by Jim Bob and Michelle, doesn’t offer responses to trolls.

Jedidiah Duggar runs for office, reveals his stance on abortion

If you’re a fan of the family and follow them on social media, you may know that Jedidiah has recently announced his run for office. In November, he shared that he would be running for Arkansas State Representative District 89 in Springdale.

Since that announcement, the 21-year-old has shared that he is pro-life. He states it in his Instagram bio and in his posts about his run for office. He also shared a post about the pro-life march that his family attended.

For more news about the Duggar family, stay tuned.

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