‘Duggar’: Felicity Vuolo Turns 18-Months-Old – Both A ‘Challenge’ And A ‘Joy’ Says Jinger

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Duggar fans heard from Jinger that her daughter, Felicity Vuolo already loves mom and dad to take her for a daily stroll. These days, she’s out and about very active on her feet. Now, Jinger said that she just turned 18-months old. It’s been a wonderful joy raising their daughter, even though, like other kids, it’s also brought new challenges to Jinger.

Duggar fans loved watching Felicity Vuolo grow

When Jinger shared about Felicity already wanting her daily stroll, TV Shows Ace reported that time simply flew by. From crawling to holding herself up, suddenly this little person made her way all over the place. That’s about right for a child of her age. But, for Counting On fans, who don’t see much of her, it seems like a miracle that she suddenly found herself toddling around. Jinger said on her Instagram, “Soon, she was taking a few steps at home at a slow but steady pace…she can’t get enough of taking afternoon strolls with me and daddy.”

The Stir Cafe noted that Felicity really is one of the most chill kids on reality TV. They listed twenty things about her. These include the fact that she seems fine with air travel and fitting into the Duggar filming routines. Plus, it seems she’s good going out and about almost anywhere. But, behind the scenes we don’t see, Jinger admitted it’s not always pure sailing. She notes that raising any kid’s a challenge.

Jinger celebrates Felicity turning 18-months-old, it’s been a challenge as well as a joy

Taking to her Instagram on Sunday night, Jinger shared a delightful picture of Felicity. She’s standing in her gorgeous little furry vest on the pavement, holding a leaf up to her mom. Jinger captioned it with, “I can’t believe Felicity is already 18 months old! Where has the time gone?” Jinger noted that “the days have seemed to fly by all too quickly, as every day she’s saying new words and curiously exploring the world around her.” Just like the fans, Jinger also noted,” it seems as though it was just yesterday that we brought Felicity home from the hospital.”

But then, she talked about “long days and sleepless nights.” Well, almost anyone with a baby in the home can identify with that. And, Jinger admits that some of her “days haven’t been free of challenges that come along with parenting.” But, as any mom will tell you, despite problems, “it has been nothing but a joy and priceless gift from God to raise this precious little angel.” It’s nice for Duggar fans to know that just like them, the Vuolo’s parenting takes a lot of time and dedication. It’s not something falls into the lap of any parents.

Fans chat about sweet Felicity

On Jinger’s post, Duggar family fans took the opportunity to chat about their own kids and Felicity. Here’s what some of them said to her:

  • “I looked forward to my girls growing, passing milestones, and then cheering them on in their chosen passions. They are 18 and 23 and we are still very much in each other’s lives 😀. I hope you get the same fun future with felicity 😊.”
  • “Wait until she’s 26 and it still feels like yesterday that you brought her home. Sigh. Time goes too fast.”
  • “You are precious and it’s a blessing to have this time with her. Observing you Thu the years it’s clear you married the right man. You have blossomed, matured and grown in amazing ways.”
  • “She’s so cute and precious. True angel and adorable princess ❤️”


What do you think about Felicity already turning 18 months old? Can you believe it? Do you agree that raising kids is both a challenge and a joy? Sound off your experiences and tips in the comments below.

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