Hannah Brown Works On The Beast In Boxing Training

Hannah Brown dancing With The Stars beast Mode

Hannah Brown fans heard that this month, she felt very violated when thieves broke into her car. After she discovered the theft, she was really down. But, perhaps those thieves should thank their lucky stars she never caught them at it. That’s because Hannah’s got loads of boxing skills. Now, she’s working even harder on bringing out “The Beast” during her boxing training.

Hannah Brown, the star on Bachelorette, Bachelor, and DWTS felt ill-equipped

TV Shows Ace reported that this month, Hannah went into the shops. But, when she came out a few minutes later, she noticed someone smashed her car window. They made off with her purse and other things. She notified her followers on her Instagram stories. We wrote, “In addition to her purse, her keys medication, sunglasses, cash, air pods, charger, and some paperwork were among the things snatched from her vehicle.” At the time she sounded very down and vulnerable.

But, there’s a tough side to Hannah Brown. Although fans saw her vulnerable in The Bachelorette and crying in the premiere of The Bachelor, she put in the hard yards and “The Beast” emerged on DWTS. Maybe those thieves would not have been so confident if they knew her well. ET Online reminded fans in March last year, that Hannah showed off her skills at boxing in Colton’s season of The Bachelor.  They wrote, “Hannah showed off her fighting skills on The Bachelor, but she’s had these moves for a while.” Notably, even before The Bachelor, she spent time training at boxing.


‘The Beast’ mode starts to come out during boxing

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Thursday night, Hannah shared some short clips of her training. The first clip got captioned with, “First day,  I only thought I was going to throw up once.” Then the next clip showed her next to a speedbag. She captioned that one with, “First time forreal learning how to do a speed bag (sic).” The final clip showed her trying it out. That one, Hannah Brown captioned with, “Beast Mode Is In My Blood.” Then she added, “By next week we are going to be rolling’.”

Hannah Brown Beast Mode Boxing
Hannah Brown Beast Mode Boxing – Hannah | Instagram Stories

Well, hopefully, Hannah gets better and better at her boxing. Possibly the next time thieves pick on her they might discover there’s a real beast under that Alabama ex-beauty pageant girl. Mind you, tackling thieves might not be a great idea. But, Hannah’s working hard on her vulnerable side. On her social media, she never apologized for her vulnerability. It seems fans love her because it’s okay to be vulnerable. And, it’s also okay to work on being a beast.

What do you think about Hannah working hard during boxing training to get into “Beast Mode?” Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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