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Duggar Cousin Amy King Dotes On ‘Beautiful Women’ On ‘The Bachelor’

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Duggar cousin Amy King was really feeling beautiful women on Instagram last night. King took to her Instagram Stories last night to share something she had on her mind.

Amy, sans make-up, presumably just finished watching last night’s episode of The Bachelor and was getting ready for bed when she filmed her series of video clips. King noted that as she watched shows like The Bachelor, she realized there were a lot of “really beautiful women” on reality TV. She notes that Peter Weber really has his work cut out for him as he has a stunning selection of ladies to choose from.

The Duggar cousin wanted her followers to know they are beautiful women too.

Amy Duggar King believes it is important for her female followers to know she thought they were all beautiful women as well. She continued to explain that her followers should avoid comparing themselves to the beautiful women on TV. King believed that judging and comparing what was and wasn’t beautiful was a very toxic… And, a negative way to look at life. She declared all of her followers were “gorgeous” as she continued to speak.

The Duggar cousin concluded her Instagram Story videos with a religious lesson. She explained God doesn’t want anyone to compare and judge the beauty of others. Especially not when deciding whether or not they are beautiful themselves. According to Amy, this was the “bad guy” tricking you into believing you aren’t beautiful and you aren’t worth it. She noted it was important to avoid thinking about beautiful women in such a negative manner.

Amy’s topic of beautiful women in reality TV shows rings true.

While the Duggar cousin’s followers aren’t able to chime in on the topic of beautiful women because she discussed it via her Instagram Stories… That doesn’t make it any less of a hot topic. The women of reality TV shows are often bashed for looking too perfect and too beautiful. Some believe the women on shows such as The Bachelor make it that much harder for an average Jane to see her own worth and beauty.

The fact that King opted to ditch her make-up and let her hair down during the video clips… It really spoke volumes toward the message she was hoping to relay. During the clips, Amy revealed that she appreciated not having to be so critical with herself to feel beautiful. It appeared as if she hoped her followers would embrace the fact that they were beautiful too.

What do you think about what Amy Duggar King had to say regarding beautiful women on Instagram last night? Sound off in the comments down below. Stick with us for the latest Duggar related news at Tv Shows Ace.

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