Amy Duggar King Gushes About Baby Daxton Outgrowing His Bassinet

Amy King Instagram

Duggar cousin Amy King took to her Instagram Stories a little less than 24 hours ago to discuss shopping for baby items. King kicked off her series of Instagram Story videos by noting how much more of a cautious shopper she was as a new mom.

Amy King explained that she spends a lot of time researching and reading reviews before making purchases.

According to King, it recently dawned on her that she now spends a great deal of time reading reviews before making purchases. This is especially true when she finds herself shopping for something for her son Daxton.

Currently, the Duggar cousin and new mom is on the hunt for a crib mattress. Being something her son would use throughout every single day, she knew it was something she needed to shop carefully for.

During the series of video clips, Amy King gushed that her little man was very nearly outgrowing his bassinet. Her Instagram followers could hear the mixed emotions in her voice. After all, it is both exciting and saddening for a mother to watch their tiny bundle of joy grow.

Amy King Instagram

After doing a significant amount of searching, King found what she believed was an ideal mattress for Daxton. She noted that she believed it was “worth it” to spend a little money investing in a mattress she knew would keep her little bundle of joy safe.

Newton Baby Mattress was the name of the product she landed on. She gushed about the impressive, glowing five star reviews it received on Amazon. Her favorite detail was the breathability of the mattress.

She didn’t just take the reviews at their word, she tested the mattress first.

King decided it wasn’t just enough to read the reviews and decide it was a good mattress. She also wanted it out to make sure it was safe for baby Daxton. More specifically, she wanted to test out the breathability of it.

Now, for those who haven’t shopped for a baby mattress before, a breathable mattress is a mattress that is designed to make it possible for you to continue to breath while laying on your stomach.

Typically, medical experts discourage parents from allowing infants to sleep on their stomach. Parents are urged against this because there is a concern the baby could become smothered and suffocate. A breathable mattress is designed to prevent that from happening.

Amy King Instagram

So, how did Amy Duggar King test this feature? Well, she pressed her face tightly up against the mattress. Then, she tried to breath and talk. She did this at a few different angles. Ultimately, she decided the mattress wasn’t able to suffocate her even if she buried her face directly into it. So, she wasn’t worried about baby Daxton being at risk should he end up sleeping on his stomach.

Amy King Instagram

What do you think about Amy King’s method for baby item shopping? Have you ever heard of the mattress brand she purchased before? Sound off in the comments down below.

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