Whoops! Fans Of ‘The Bachelor’ Think Madison Prewett Could Use A Social Media Lesson

Madison Prewett with Peter from Instagram

Madison Prewett was the lucky one who got to go on the first one-on-one. She was whisked away to witness Peter Weber’s parents renewing their vows. A lot of fans think she has excellent chemistry with the lead. That’s why she’s been named one of the front runners, however, she may have made a slight uh oh when it comes to posting on social media.

Fan accounts pop up for the contestants as soon as some savvy internet users pick their favorites. Madison has been accused of creating a fake one for herself on Instagram. Some eagle-eyed fans spotted something not quite right about a comment and then called her out.


Why Do Fans Think Madison Prewett Created Her Own Account?

Madison Prewett posted a picture of her and Peter saying “woke up feeling super grateful… the most perfect date with the perfect guy.” According to Entertainment Tonight Madison then supposedly commented on her own post, ouch. She said, “Beautiful date Madi. You are so genuine and real.”

The comment about herself seemed to come from her so people thought she created the account and forgot to sign into it. According to ET the fan account @BachSleuthers caught the comment and took a screenshot before it could be deleted. They posted it and commented, “We, too, believe we are genuine and real. Happy to provide tutorials on toggling between your personal and fan accounts.” According to E Online, another follower commented, “Bahahaha…Commenting from your fan account…thirsty much.”

But Then There Was More To It

After the funny mix-up, a friend of Madison Prewett claimed it was all her fault. She posted, “Oops. Thought I wrote that comment about being real & genuine from my account but was logged into Madi’s from when she got back from filming. Don’t hate me @madiprew.”

Madison said it happens and told her it was okay, but this prompted several disbelievers to also comment. One said, “sure Jan.” Another asked the questions, “who TF gives someone their Instagram password?” They were skeptical, to say the least.

Commenting praise on herself or not, Madison is clearly someone who connected with Peter earning the first impression rose. Peter Weber said of the date he was, “flying high.” He said that Madison Prewett killed it. Weber stated he was pleased with, “what could have realistically been a really awkward and uncomfortable date. That’s a big thing… when you’re dating and the first date, but she absolutely knocked it out of the park.”

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