‘Shameless’ Star Paris Newton Confuses Fans On Instagram

Paris Newton Shameless Instagram

As we previously reported, Shameless turned nine-years-old yesterday. The official Instagram account of the series took to the social media platform to share a collection of promotional images from each season. The post has since accumulated nearly 1,000 comments inside of 24 hours.

One comment in particular, however, has attracted a fair amount of attention.

“You turned 9 and I turn 5 this Sunday!! It’s @shameless birthday week!! 🥳❤️🥳❤️,” a young Instagram user by the name Paris Newton penned.

The comment, which hit the post shortly after it was published, quickly attracted a lot of attention. It was liked over 250 times with nearly two dozen people responding to it. Even the official Shameless account itself responded to the comment wishing the young girl a happy birthday.

Shameless responded: “happy birthday, Paris! We’re basically twins. ❤️”

The reason this comment caught the eyes of so many Shameless fans is because Paris revealed she was just four (almost five) years old. As those who have spent any amount of time watching the series knows, it isn’t child friendly. So, many were perplexed as to why someone so young would be commenting on the page. Surely she wasn’t a fan of the series? Surely, she had parents somewhere that prevented her from watching this show? Right?

One concerned follower penned: “woah I hope ur not watching shameless at that much of a young age😳.”

Shameless star Paris Newton cleared the confusion by revealing she wasn’t just a random fan.

The unfortunate truth was it appeared as if some of the individuals commenting on the post didn’t realize who Paris was. Truth be told, she didn’t have a check mark indicating her account was verified by Instagram, so it was an honest mistake.

Newton did take the time to respond to the concerned individuals regarding why she was watching something so inappropriate at such a young age.

According to Paris, she wasn’t just a random Shameless fan. She played the role of Debbie Gallagher’s (Emma Kenney) young daughter in the series. She was Franny.

“I play Franny on the show 😉👍,” the young actress penned in response to the confusion.


Realizing who they were talking to the individual who originally expressed concern instantly became a little jealous of the young actress.

“The fact that your younger than me and has made more money than I would ever will is crazy😓,” they added to the conversation.

While the young Shameless actress had been pretty consistently replying to followers who took the time to reply to her original comment, the chatter seems to have come to an end as of about three hours ago.

Fortunately for Paris, it did appear as if there were some individual who recognized her and knew who she was before she clarified. Or, perhaps they just checked her profile.

A quick click of her Instagram profile reveals that she is in fact Franny of Shameless.

Did you know the name of the actress that plays Franny in Shameless? Sound off in the comments down below.


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