Mama June: Daughter Pumpkin Gets Huge Praise From Aunt Jo On Her Birthday

Mama June daughter Pumpkin

Mama June: From Not To Hot fans know that June’s not hot these days. In fact, her whole family’s worried about her as she seemingly disintegrates. Honey Boo Boo, (Alana) lives with her sister Pumpkin (Lauren), and June’s in and out of hotels and casinos with her boyfriend Geno Doak. Now, on her birthday, June’s sister Jo Shannon (Doe Doe) handed out huge praise to her niece, Pumpkin.

Mama June hit the road, Honey Boo Boo lives with Pumpkin now

Last season, fans saw on the WEtv show, that June refused family intervention. Honey Boo Boo was afraid of the lifestyle June and Geno were living. And, she pleaded for her dad to let her go and live with Pumpkin. TV Shows Ace reported that eventually, “everyone (except June)… agrees that Alana can live with Pumpkin.” At the time, even Jennifer seemed impressed that Pumpkin would take on the responsibility. After all, she’s young and has Ella Grace to take care of.

Meanwhile, June sold off her home and hit the road in an RV. TMZ‘s been keeping a track of Mama June, and it looks like she’s sliding into some kind of hell. The latest reports include her not being able to pay a hotel bill, trashing another place, and looking unkempt.

But thankfully, Alana didn’t have to see it all go down as she’s in a place of safety and in the care of her loving sister Lauren. These days, it’s Pumpkin who shares about her little sister’s milestones and birthdays, not her mother – Mama June.

Pumpkin gets praised by her Aunt Jo

Pumpkin’s aunt Jo is Mama Junes’ sister. Also known as Doe Doe, fans know she’s very concerned about June as well. But, it looks like right now, she regards her niece Lauren as something very special. On her birthday, Jo shared some photos of Pumpkin. She captioned it with, “Happy birthday to this amazing woman, my niece. I call her Lauryn but everyone else calls her @pumpkin 😊🎉🎂.” Then, Aunt Jo went on to say that Lauren’s their “favorite.”

Referring to Mama June and the pain that the girls must be going through, Jo added, “It’s been a tough 2019 but 2020 is going to be awesome for this amazing lady.”  Then, she pointed out how Pumpkin had to “wear several hats in the past year.” And fans know right now, she’s not only a sister to Honey Boo Boo, but also a mom to her.  Jo said what many fans already think: “She is an awesome mother, wife, sister. and all-around amazing woman!!!!”

Lauren’s family and fans support and love her

Doe Doe ended her birthday message to Pumpkin with, “We love her and will stand by her no matter what. You just keep doing you. We love you, happy birthday❤️❤️❤️.” But, it seems nothing came from Mama June’s Instagram. Fans agree that Pumpkin’s stepping up so much for Honey Boo Boo. One said about her being amazing, “She really is! Poor thing had to grow up much faster than many of us! I’m truly impressed that she has taken the responsibility to raise her younger sister when she is practically a kid herself.”

What do you think about Pumpkin stepping up and guiding her sister Honey Boo Boo through a very difficult 2019? Hopefully, 2020 brings much nicer circumstances for the whole family. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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