‘Couples Couch’ Calls Bets, Gets Tipsy, and Cuddles Up for ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 10

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Just like Married at First Sight, Couples Couch is following right along for Season 10 of the arranged marriage experiment.  The follow-up commentary viewing show featured Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta, Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman, Kristine Killingsworth and Keith DeWar, and fond welcome to Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre for its January 9 return.   Already, Season 10 has been bigger than ever and huge on Married at First Sight drama, so Couples Couch is now a full two-hour block on its own.  That makes for lots to talk about, and one couple got a little carried away with wine, while another hubby already was ready to stake bets on marital success, and the rest just sent best wishes.

Katie’s ‘Married at First Sight’ conflict captures full ‘Couples Couch’ focus

All four of the veteran couples joined millions of Married at First Sight fans in their complete focus on Katie Conrad’s internal turmoil over the plea from her ex to not participate in the process, which he only did after she was matched.  Ashley Petta was certain that the situation would cause future conflict and felt that Katie should explore that relationship before diving into marriage.

The other couples, like many fans, were delighted with the faces and joyful smiles of the bride with her groom, Derek Sherman, and saw the seeds of a bright future.  The ladies said “she looks happy” again and again.  Some of the guys, like Jephte, could only talk about the two-piece “crop top” wedding dress.  Shawniece thinks Katie looks a little like Derek’s mom, and she said that she couldn’t remember their first dance, but she remembered her lap dance for her husband.  Social media is still enraptured with Derek’s wedding vows. Bobby Dodd, however, disagrees with the masses. Despite wondering how anyone gets “knocked off my socks” as Derek wished,  he sees trouble brewing for the first couple to pledge their love and joins the other couples in wondering about Taylor and Brandon.

Shawniece declared, “I hope she forgets the other guy.”  “There’s another guy?” came Jephte’s response.  Kristine was in the same corner.

Anthony and Ashley have a little too much

“Somebody feed this boy!” Ashley screamed at the screen after Brandon Reid called “Get me some chicken,” on the way to the reception.  Maybe it was the suspense of seeing whether the first couple would make it through the ceremony, but by the first hour, Ashley Petta said that “we’re a bottle and a half down” on their wine.   Ashley had to explain Taylor Dunklin’s passion for “going out,” so perhaps that makes an evening of TV and wine all the more special.  He teased that now, “going out” meant a trip to the mailbox or to the backyard for their young family.

Bobby Dodd had a bone to pick with Taylor for stealing one of Danielle’s lines in the wedding vows.  He insisted that “finding out those reasons” why the pair was matched was a direct rip-off from Danielle’s original vows.  Couples Couch hasn’t caught up to the spontaneity of TLC’s Pillow Talk, but lips are getting looser, and even this early on, the commentary is much more fun.

The scenes of Taylor and Brandon on the dance floor reminded Kristine of her first dance with Keith.  “You couldn’t dance, either, but I worked with you,” she reminded.  The sweetest thing about Keith and Kristine is that the more they watch the new couples, the more affectionate and tender they are with each other.  There is success from Married at First Sight. 

Many comments from the Couples Couch related concerns about the lack of real connection between Brandon and Taylor.  More than one veteran wife was dismayed that talk about an Xbox took precedence over the more personal conversation. Still, the marriage pros held out hope that better things could come once the pair was away from hundreds of eyes.

Arms and sweet memories

Bobby Dodd loves his wife and daughter, but he was also carried away with Jessica Studer’s athletic physique.  Danielle commented about the bride’s “good arms” and her husband went further.  He described how Jessica “must be an athlete” because of the way she leaned as she sat on the sofa.  He also gave compliments about how smart and independent Jessica seems, and how “many men feel intimidated” by those qualities. Bobby bets that Jessica’s strong personality won’t mesh with Austin’s, but that may be because Jessica is his Married at First Sight crush this season.

Anthony and Bobby poked a little fun at Austin Hurd but agreed that he was rolling with the unique situation of a first date wedding well.  Keith and Kristine playfully timed how long it would take for Austin to smooth back his hair.  Everyone had a laugh about how Jessica had envisioned her groom with “brown hair and a beard.”  Keith praised “you see!” to hear Jessica say that her new husband was “getting cuter by the minute.”

Jephte said he “can’t wait” for the memories of walking his little girl down the aisle.  Those memories come faster than any father imagines.  Lots of hard work, memories, and milestones will come for the couples in the next weeks of Married at First Sight.  The crew from Couples Couch will be giving support and sometimes crazy counsel along the way.

Season 10 is just getting started and two more brides are going through their most tense moments ever, along with their grooms next week.  Couples Couch airs Thursday on Lifetime.


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