Which Of The Duggar Men Sing At The Family’s Church?

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Fans of TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On know that the Duggar family is very religious. They are a Christian family. Their strict conservative values reflect that. For example, they dress modestly. They also choose to court rather than date around. Some fans may be familiar with the courtship rules. There are plenty of other ways that the family chooses to follow their religious beliefs in their everyday lives.

Duggar men sing at church

Along with sticking to those Christian values, the family is involved at their church. The Duggar family posted on their official Instagram page on Sunday. They wrote, “The guys sang a beautiful song at church today! What a good reminder as we move from a busy holiday season into the new year that true peace comes from knowing the love of Jesus Christ!”

In the videos that Jana and the Duggar family shared, seven of the family members are up on stage singing. They’re all dressed up in their best suits. The church’s stage is still decorated for Christmas with a few wreaths behind the men.


Jana knew that fans would be asking who all of the boys are. So, she listed them for her followers. In her caption, she wrote, “Left to right… James, Justin, Joe, Jason, Jackson, Jed & Jer.” She also said that she loves her brothers and that they’re “pretty amazing”.

On the Duggar family’s post, they didn’t add the men’s names. This led fans to start guessing who was who. The men are close in age and look somewhat similar, so it’s easy for fans to get them mixed up. Fans are thankful that Jana added their names for clarification.


Fans react to new videos

In the comments sections of both the Duggar family’s and Jana’s posts, fans are saying how impressed they are. They think that the song was absolutely beautiful and that the men all sound great together. Someone wrote, “Beautiful! What talented men of God!”

One fan requested more videos of the Duggar brothers singing. Jana told fans they could find more videos of her brothers singing on her Instagram page. She has a highlight on her page that’s titled “music”. Someone else added that the boys need to make an album. Plenty of others echoed the same comment.

Perhaps the reactions to this video will encourage the brothers to make their own CD. From the comments, it’s likely that it would sell well. It’s safe to say that Duggar fans think that these brothers are very talented. Fans are excited to see how they continue to use their talents.

The Duggar girls already have a CD of their own. Fans can purchase it from the family’s website.


What do you think of the videos of the men singing? Have you watched videos of them singing before? Leave a comment below.

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