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‘Unexpected’: When Will Season 4 Air?

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TLC’s Unexpected has become a hit with viewers. Some of the show’s viewers love it, and others are just watching because they can’t look away.

The show is filled with drama as teen moms navigate pregnancy, motherhood, relationships, and more. All of that drama keeps viewers coming back for more. Lots of reality TV shows work this way.

The third season of the show wrapped up recently. So, fans are wondering when the next season of the show will air. Plus, fans want to know who’s going to return to the show.

When will Unexpected Season 4 air?

So far, the show has not officially been renewed. But, it looks like it’s likely to happen. Some of the cast members shared casting posts via social media, encouraging teen moms to email the producers.

The show gets enough attention that it makes sense for it to be renewed. This just hasn’t officially happened yet. It should happen soon, if there is going to be a fourth season.

It’s worth noting that TLC’s goal with the show was to educate young people on teen pregnancy. So, with that goal in mind, they might continue the show. Of course, they don’t mind the impressive views the show gets either.

Season 1 of the show was a short season, which aired from mid-November to the end of December in 2017. Season 2 premiered August 5, 2018 and was wrapped up in early November. Then, Season 3 aired August 4, 2019 and also ended in November.

Because of this, it can be assumed that the show will air in August 2020 if it is renewed. Fans are hoping for an official announcement from TLC very soon.

Who will be a part of the Season 4 cast?

Season 3 of the show included a combination of new moms and moms from previous seasons too. It’s likely that this is going to happen again.

Some of the former cast members have already made it clear that they won’t be returning to the show. Chloe Mendoza said that she was 99.9% sure that she’s done with the show. She said that she and her family are tired of it.

Then, Rilah Ferrer went on a Twitter rant about the production of the show. She said that she will not return to Unexpected “ever again”. In her tweets, she seemed pretty upset about the whole thing, so her followers think she’s serious.

When Hailey 2 and Matthew Blevins revealed that they are expecting a baby, Unexpected fans thought it was planned. They thought that the couple was just trying to get a spot on the show. Well, Matthew said, “NO we aren’t being on the next season.” That was back in November, so it’s possible that things will change. Matthew also denied that the pregnancy was planned.

The new cast has yet to be announced. About four months ago, McKayla Adkins shared a post about TLC looking for new teen moms. She wrote, “Now casting: If you’re a teen expecting your first baby in 2020 and you’ve always wanted to share your story, please email [email protected] with your name, age, location, due date, a recent picture and a brief bio. 💕”

What do you think of TLC’s Unexpected? Do you like the show? Or, do you just watch to see how bad it can get? Leave a comment below.

For more news about the upcoming season, stay tuned.

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