‘The Little Couple’: Will’s Growing Up But Every Boy Needs A Furry Friend

The Little Couple Will

The Little Couple‘s son, Will, suddenly shot up and looks like a young man these days. That’s until he’s asleep cuddling up to a furry friend. Then he looks like just a cute little boy, taking love and comfort from his little doggie. Mom Jen shared a pic, and fans can’t get over the cuteness.

The Little Couple – Will fast asleep with the family furry friend

Taking to her Instagram on Sunday night, Jen Arnold shared a really cute picture of Will. Cuddled up to the dog, both of them lie together fast asleep. Jen captioned her post with, “boy and his dog… We all need a snuggle buddy.” She also tagged the post with “#rocky.” Well, die-hard fans recall that Rocky’s been with the family since before they adopted Zoey and Will. Some fans wondered if they got him a new puppy.

The picture doesn’t show a new puppy, but one fan commented that the kids must be “keeping him young.” Plenty of The Little Couple fans talked about the beauty of kids and furry friends. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “I remember when you first brought Will home and Rocky didn’t know quite what to make of him. I love that they’re buddies❤️.”
  • “This picture must make your heart explode as the mother of this adorable little boy.”
  • “We all need the unconditional love of a fur friend. ❤️”
  • “Very sweet. Sweetest thing I saw all day.🌞”
  • “A loving pet always adds love and life in one’s life. I miss ours, who have crossed the rainbow bridge. And while it’s painful to see them pass on, all the love and loving energy they give, far outweighs the pain. This is thee sweetest. ♥️♥️♥️”
  • “What a Darling Picture of your Son & his Snuggle Buddy!!! I absolutely Love ❤️ This Picture!!!”


Grown-up Will, still a boy at heart

TV Shows Ace reported that at Christmas, Jen shared a photo of Will in his new Seattle Seahawks shirt. Many fans commented on how grown-up he looks all of a sudden. But, it’s clear from Jen’s latest post, this little boy’s still an adorable and huggable child. Fans of the TLC show just can’t get enough of the family And, many of them note how very lucky those kids are that Jen and Bill found them. Fans of The Little Couple know that Will’s from China and Zoey’s from India.

In fact, their lives would be very different if they remained in their home countries. But, something about fate decided these two kids got a fantastic chance at a new life. And, even Jen and Bill marrying seems fated in a similar way. Distractify reminds us that Bill Klein and Jen met in hospital as kids, although Jen can’t recall that. Later, they found each other on a dating site. And now, they raise these two cute kids in Florida.

What did you think of Will all cuddled up to his furry friend? He might be growing up, but he certainly looks very cute in Jen’s photo, fans think. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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