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Lisa Vanderpump Reaches Out To Her Millions Of Followers About Australia’s Wildfires

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Lisa Vanderpump’s got a lot on her mind right now. Season 8 of the Bravo show Vanderpump Rules premiers on Tuesday, January 7. Plus, someone drove a Ferrari into one of her restaurants. But she’s always got animals uppermost in her mind. Setting aside those things, she took to Instagram to reach out to her millions of social media followers. Grateful Australians thanked her for raising awareness about the wildfires in the country.

Lisa Vanderpump shares about Australia’s wildfires and how to help

TV Shows Ace reported that someone drove their Ferrari into one of Lisa’s restaurants. Well, it plowed into the patio anyway. Apparently, one person got minor injuries. Showing her funny side, Lisa shared photos on Instagram, noting, “No. We are not a Drive-Thru.” But, she still took the time out to go online and share about the Australian wildfires. Pretty much everyone’s seen footage of the flames. But, not everyone knows how to help out.

Grateful Australians appreciate that Lisa shared about it because she’s got millions of followers on social media. Lisa shared a photo of a burned and suffering kangaroo. Her caption read, “The news coming out of Australia is truly devastating… at least 23 people dead, 200 fires still raging, and a shocking 500,000,000 animals killed.” Then, Lisa noted, “I am truly shaken by these staggering numbers and this horrific tragedy. It’s in times like these when we all need to come together and help our fellow humans and these poor defenseless creatures.”

Lisa supplied a link for info on how to help Australia

The link in Lisa Vanderpump’s bio takes people to KTLA5. There, they explain how people can donate to “firefighters and relief groups.” Notably, the USA already sent firefighters across to help out. But, the scenes still show horrific fires and many dead and injured animals. 23 people died so far as well. Somehow though, the grateful Australians on Lisa’s Instagram bring the sad reality more vividly.

One fan said to Lisa, “Thank you Lisa. Our country is reeling and brokenhearted. This is a disaster that will take years if not decades to recover from.” Another fan highlighted the tragedy with, “Our beautiful animals! We are their custodians and we are failing them. Our koalas May never recover! Kangaroo Island a habitat for over 24000 of them has burnt up they’re all gone! 😭 this is a global crisis! Like the giant Pandas 🐼 we need world wide aid to help!”

Potentially millions of dollars could go towards relief efforts

It all sounds terribly sad and tragic, but thanks to people like Lisa Vanderpump, millions more potential dollars could now pour into relief and fire efforts to contain the terrible wildfires. Did you know that you can donate? Are you grateful that Lisa took the time to pass on the details to her millions of fans? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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