Here’s How Gallavich Fans Feel About Tonight’s ‘Shameless’ Episode

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Shameless spoilers ahead!

Fans of the Showtime hit series were thrilled when both Cameron Monaghan and Noel Fisher were set to revive their roles as Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich. After all, this meant one thing for fans. So. Much. More. Gallavich.

While fans of Shameless have enjoyed seeing both young actors return to the screen, their relationship hasn’t been in the best place.

Gallavich has been on a downward spiral all Season.

During Season 10, Gallavich fans have watched as Ian and Mickey don’t work together. The duo had trouble being together when they were behind bars. This was something most understood. They were trapped in a tiny cell together. It would be hard for anyone to work with no space to get away from each other.

Things, however, didn’t seem to get better when they got out of jail. Things were initially alright. But, Ian and Mickey’s probation officer got murdered last week. Before learning who it was that killed her, the duo instantly blamed each other.

This was when Mickey and Ian learned there was a solution to their problem. If they were married, they would not have to testify against each other. It was a legal loophole as many called it as the episode progressed. Naturally, Gallavich fans everywhere rejoiced as Mickey and Ian prepared to get married last week.

Things, however, went the wrong direction when the guys learned who actually killed the probation officer. It was a heated moment between Paula and her girlfriend. While Mickey still wanted to marry Ian, Gallagher was no longer into the idea. Turns out, he had serious doubts about it.

The episode ended with Mickey decking Ian as he rolled down the stairs.

Things were not any better during tonight’s episode of Shameless.

Gallavich fans desperately wanted Ian and Mickey to make up during tonight’s episode. After all, what was the point in bringing the two characters back if writers planned on breaking them up?

Mickey, however, was clearly hurt that Ian was not sure about getting married. Mickey was all in and Ian had reservations. So, Mickey decided to look for love elsewhere. It, however, was clear Mickey was just using some young gay man as something to pass the time while Ian got his feelings together. Mickey even told him to sort out his issues with not feeling like he could be loved before coming back to talk to him again.

How do Shameless fans feel about tonight’s episode?

Gallavich fans are not happy with the way this season has been going. They want happy Gallavich scenes between Mickey and Ian. Fans do not want to see the duo fighting. They certainly don’t want to see the couple breaking up. Twitter chatter following the airing of the episode was a combination of sadness and anger.

There were, however, some fans who appreciated Byron. They were happy he was there to “babysit” Mickey until Ian could get his stuff together.

Bryon even made it clear during tonight’s episode that he had no interest in Mickey. And, that he wanted Ian to take him back.

Some Gallavich fans have made it clear they are ready for Ian and Mickey to work things out. They want the writers to quit “breaking their hearts” over and over again.

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