Duggar: Amy King Shares Snap Of Daxton As ‘Baby Bachelor’

Amy King (Duggar family) Instagram

TV fans everywhere enjoyed the return of The Bachelor on Monday night. The show aired at 8pm EST. It was a special episode that lasted until 11pm. Of course, plenty of celebrites tune in to watch the hit ABC show, too. One of them is Duggar cousin, Amy King.

In the past, Amy has posted on her Instagram stories proving that she is a part of Bachelor Nation. The boutique owner and mom-of-one has shared stories about the shows and shares that she enjoys watching them. She, like everyone else, is thrilled about the new season featuring Pilot Pete.

Amy King shares Daxton as ‘baby bachelor’

Amy shared a new post on Monday evening. Her baby, Daxton, is wearing a tuxedo. It’s likely a sleeper designed to look like a tuxedo, but it works. She placed a rose across his chest. Then she wrote, “Will you accept this rose?” She also referred to him as a “baby bachelor”.

Duggar fans think that Daxton makes a perfect “baby bachelor”. Some of Amy’s followers admitted that they don’t watch the show, but they still think that Daxton looks adorable. One follower said that they would definitely accept Daxton’s rose. Others commented about all the lucky baby girls out there.


Do the Duggar kids watch The Bachelor and other TV shows?

Duggar fans know that Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids don’t have access to TV. But, Amy was raised differently than her cousins. Recently, she made it very clear that she isn’t a Duggar. She seems to want to set herself apart from her famous family. This ended up sparking a debate about genetics in the comments section of her post.

In the past, Amy has shown other signs that she isn’t quite like the rest of her family. Her mom and Jim Bob are siblings, but aside from that, she claims that she isn’t a Duggar. She and her husband, Dillon, waited a while to have their first child. Amy works outside of the home at her own boutique. She also wears pants and doesn’t dress quite as modestly as her famous cousins.

Unless the Duggars have moved out of their parents’ home, it’s unlikely that they’re watching any type of TV shows. Some of the grown members of the family do allow their kids to watch TV. But, this wouldn’t fly in Jim Bob and Michelle’s house.

What do you think of the sweet picture of Daxton? Did you watch The Bachelor tonight like Amy did? Leave a comment below.

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