‘Shameless’: Is Debbie Going To Sleep With Her Girlfriend’s Daughter?

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Shameless spoilers ahead.

Tonight’s episode of Shameless gave us a closer look at the relationship between Debbie Gallagher (Emma Kenney) and her new girlfriend. During the episode, fans learn Debbie’s girlfriend has a daughter. Debbie uses the moment to reveal she has a daughter too. Things, however, get a big awkward when Debbie realizes her girlfriend’s daughter is almost her age.

Shameless Spoilers: Debbie picks up her girlfriend’s daughter from school.

Things just get weird when Debbie realizes her girlfriend’s daughter is a teenager. As a favor to her girlfriend, she picks her up early on in the episode. The teen quickly starts stripping out of her Catholic outfit and into something different. The young girl makes it clear her mother makes a habit of sending her “hookers” to pick her up from school.

Debbie, however, is pretty adamant about being her mother’s girlfriend and not just a garden variety hooker.

Debbie crossed yet another moral line in regards to dating.

Last season we watched Debbie cross a moral line as she made the moves on her brother Carl’s girlfriend. Unfortunately for Debbie, Kelly did not return her feelings. Turns out, Debbie is very shameless when it comes to crossing lines in the dating pool.

While grabbing a bite to eat with her girlfriend’s daughter in tonight’s episode, her daughter leans across the table to grab a kiss from Debbie. While Debbie initially rejects the idea, she is into it. She ends up pulling the teen across the table as she starts to kiss her.

Will Debbie end up sleeping with her girlfriend’s daughter?

Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future. It, however, doesn’t seem like Debbie has many moral lines when it comes to dating. For those who tuned into the Shameless trailer at the end of the episode for next week, it looked like the teenager slipped out of a towel before going up the stairs to take a shower. It also looked as if Debbie may have followed the teen up the stairs and into the shower.

Is Debbie going to cross a line and go there? Only time will tell.

How do Shameless fans feel about Debbie and her girlfriend’s daughter?

Based on the chatter on TwitterShameless fans certainly had opinions regarding the kiss. They had even more regarding what might be to come. Initially, there appeared to be a bit of confusion regarding Debbie’s age. Was she even old enough to be with her girlfriend?


As hard as it might be to believe, Debbie is technically an adult in the series. So, she’s legal. For fans who realized this, the concern shifted to the age of the daughter. Is Debbie cross some legal lines with this young girl?

Some Shameless fans seemed pretty disappointed in Debbie for the life decisions she was making in the dating department.

There were some fans who even begged writers not to go down the path of underage dating with the character.


One Twitter user jested that Debbie really enjoys “keeping it in the family.”

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