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‘Counting On’ Fans Take Issue With Duggars Wearing Shoes In The House

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Is wearing shoes inside of the home a Duggar habit?

The Duggar family’s official Instagram account recently shared some photos from Abbie’s baby shower.

One thing that a few followers quickly noticed was that everyone in all of the photos sported a pair of shoes. This was something fans also noticed to be true in the Christmas photos Jana shared on Instagram roughly a week ago.

There was even a thread started on Reddit less than a week ago calling attention to everyone wearing shoes.

Is wearing shoes indoor a Duggar thing or just something all Americans do?

The thread questioned whether wearing shoes inside was just another Duggar quirk or if it was something people commonly did indoors. The thread quickly accumulated just shy of 30 comments as many expressed their thoughts on the topic.

One individual on Reddit noted it was considered respectful to take your shoes off when entering someone else’s home. However, people tend to keep their shoes on when in their own home.

“HOWEVER, considering the amount of people at the Duggar’s home, I’d request everyone take off their shoes. That’s a lot of dirt, mud, and who knows what else spreading all over the carpet!!!” The individual added.

The Reddit user also clarified that people were more prone to take off their shoes if they had a home filled with carpet.

Another Reddit user chimed in: “Looks like they’ve got tile but it’s pretty gross to me that they put their shoes on the furniture, especially the work boots. But let’s be real, what kind of hard, dirty work are these people actually doing?”

A third user noted that anyone entering their home is required to leave their shoes at the door.

Instagram chatter suggests leaving shoes on inside is an American thing.

In the comments of Abbie’s baby shower post, one Instagram user reveals they are from Canada.

“This is beautiful! Real question though, and not being rude in anyway. I live in Canada and no one I know wears their shoes in their home. Is this an American thing?” The individual pens.

Several quickly respond that it “must be” an American thing because everyone they know wears shoes in the house.

Others noted that it was largely a matter of personal preference. There, however, did not appear to be a general consensus when it comes to American households.

Like the chatter on Reddit, there were some who explained the type of flooring and furniture tends to play a role in the decision to wear or not wear shoes inside of the home.

There were even a few who suggested it depended on the weather. If it was raining or snowing outside, people are more prone to take their shoes off when they come into a house.

For the most part, it does not appear to be another unique Duggar quirk.

Have you noticed the Duggars tend to wear shoes in the household? Do you think this is a strange or normal practice?

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