Duggar: Amy King’s Last Christmas 2019 Pic Of Daxton Takes The Win, Fans Think

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Duggar family Christmas celebrations start soon after Thanksgiving. But Amy King, the Duggar cousin decided this year she’s taking down her decorations over the weekend. But before she started, she took a picture of Daxton in the Christmas setting. And, fans think the cuteness overload takes the win.

Duggar cousin Amy King already shared lovely Christmas pics of Daxton

Amy and her husband Dillon planned their family carefully. Not rushing into breeding kids, as her many Duggar cousins do, they waited for the right time. The little one only came along after they established their new clothing boutique business. And now, we see some very charming pictures of their little boy Daxton. TV Shows Ace reported about a very cute Christmas picture that Amy shared. It showed him in his first-ever Christmas pajamas. But, she shared another one this weekend.

People reminded us that Daxton arrived in October. They previously announced the gender of their child in June. Since his birth, the miracle of motherhood sits well with Amy. Since she took him home, no shortage of pics and cute videos has emerged. But, on the last day before she removed her decorations, she snapped just one more pic of the handsome Duggar child. And, it’s simply beautiful, fans agree.

Last Christmas pic of Daxton simply wins hands-down on cuteness

Over on Instagram, Amy said she’s not waiting until Epiphany or New Year’s Day to remove all the Christmas decor. Actually, many people seem uncertain when to remove all the Christmas stuff. Amy said, “That time between Christmas and the New Year when you don’t know what day it is, who you are, or what you’re supposed to be doing?” Well, she decided maybe getting rid of the decorations would normalize things. But first, she wanted a quick snap of Dax.

Duggar fans really loved the photo. Daxton actually looks like he’s part of the Christmas setting in the photo. He’s so picture-perfect that he actually looks like a picture within a picture. In the corner, we see gold and white Christmas decorations twinkling. Then, to the right, in his special little sleeper chair, Daxton’s fast asleep. The little angel really makes fans want to just hold the precious little boy.

Fans discussed the photo and when to remove decorations

Naturally, fans of Amy Duggar King couldn’t resist commenting on the lovely photo. One person noted, “wow a pic in a pic. maybe next year hang this pic as part of your decorations? Awesome.” Another fan commented, “Amy your baby looks so beautiful💙.” The setting’s actually very attractive. And, one fan noted, “Looks like Baby Jesus in his manger!” Another fan also noted that “Jesus” comparison. They wrote, “He looks like what I picture baby Jesus as.”

Meanwhile, other Duggar fans begged Amy not take down the decorations yet. “Don’t take down your decor. It’s supposed to be the 12 days of Christmas! 🌲🎁🥂,” said one fan. Actually, many people keep their trees and decorations until well into the New Year. Others enjoy getting them down and cleaned up before the New Year celebrations. Despite many different ideas about the right time, one thing fans all agreed on: that’s the sweetest pic of Daxton and it takes the win.


What did you think of this last Christmas pic of Daxton? Do you think it takes the win? When do you take down your decorations? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about Amy King, her baby Daxton, and the Duggar family.

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