Derick Dillard Catches Heat For Getting A Flu Shot

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All eyes have been on Derick Dillard the past few days.

As we’ve previously reported, Dillard took to his Instagram account three days ago to wish his followers a Merry Christmas. This post came with a very sweet snap of his adorable children and wife Jill. As an added bonus, the comments of the post came with some major, juicy tea spillage.

Derick dished on another of burning questions Counting On fans have been asking about Jill and the rest of the Duggars. Some of the questions he addressed included:

  • Why Jill never makes appearances in any family photos for family events or holidays?
  • Was Jill an abuse victim?
  • Did any of the Duggar children get money from TLC or did Jim Bob have total control over it?

Unfortunately, answering all of these questions has caused Duggar fans to swarm to Derick’s Instagram profile in search of more.

Derick Dillard already has an Instagram following of nearly 800,000 fans. So, a significant amount of chatter on his profile is nothing new. He, however, has endured some unfortunate side effects of spilling major tea all over Instagram. It has caused some followers (and trolls) to start dredging up dirt. Dirt on some of his older Instagram posts.

It was nearly three months ago, at the beginning of October, that Derick shared a fun sideways selfie of himself. In the caption of the selfie, he revealed he’d just taken a trip to the doctor. Why? Well, to get his flu vaccination.

“Got my flu shot for the season! Go out and get yours if you haven’t yet, and try to stay healthy this year,” he penned in the caption as he encouraged his followers to do the same.

While the post is 12 weeks old and the comment section has been relatively dormant for a period of time, the recent tea spilling on his profile has caused many to flood the comments and revive the old topic.

For the most part, his followers aren’t happy with his choice to get a flu shot.

One follower noted they thought it was against Jill and Derick’s religion to get vaccinations: “I thought you were anti vacs? Jesus can everything?”

Here are some of the other more recent responses to Derick Dillard’s decision to get a flu shot three months ago:

  • “NOWAY! Building your immune system is healthiest.”
  • “Flu shots are just another way to control the masses.”
  • “That was a very foolish thing to do. It promotes Alzheimer’s. You do realize this is how the flu is spread too? It sheds. Do some research.”
  • “Not very wise getting a flu you know what kind of stuff they put in that.”

For every negative comment criticizing Derick for his decision, there were several others quick to defend him. Many who revealed they worked in the medical field clapped back at the criticism. One Instagram user, who claimed to be a registered nurse, noted a flu shot could very well save a person’s life.

Derick Dillard, however, did not seem interested in discussing the topic.

What do you think of his followers dredging up old dirt? Do you think getting a flu shot is a good or bad idea? Sound off in the comments down below.

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