‘LPBW’: Fans Give Amy Roloff Advice On Settling Her Dog In Her New Home

LPBW Amy Roloff

LPBW fans heard that Amy Roloff bought a new home in town. After Thanksgiving, she started working on renovations and whatnot. Since then, she started moving in, and it’s taking some adjustment. And, not just for Amy. She posted about her dog Felix on Instagram, asking advice on settling the little pooch into the new environment.

LPBW – a new life for Amy Roloff, new home, new future with Chris Marek

TV Shows Ace reported that Amy finally went for the buyout that Matt wanted on the farm. Matt’s gone his way with Caryn Chandler and Amy had the option to stay on. But, eventually, the Little People, Big World star signed off on the deal. Engaged to Chris Marek, she seems determined to enjoy her new life as best as she can. She bought a new home and started moving into it. Obviously, leaving a lifetime of farm memories was hard. But, Amy’s looking ahead now. Nothing will ever bring her and Matt back together, and she’s moved beyond that anyway.

The new start, new life, and new home keep Amy busy these days. Radar Online reported that now, the LPBW matriarch’s converting her new house into a “home.” These days, Amy’s got neighbors, a much smaller yard, and a very different lifestyle. And, her little dog Felix also makes adjustments. We often saw Felix wandering around the farm, enjoying a doggie-life to die for. But now, he also adjusts to the new normal.

Amy Roloff asks fans for advice on settling her pooch

On December 28, Amy shared quite a long post on her Instagram. It came along with a picture of her and her furry friend, Felix. In her post, Amy mentioned how every different town life is, compared to the farm. She noted, “living in a neighborhood, that’s pretty cool.” Plus, being positive, Amy said, “a new house in a new neighborhood will have its own adventure.” Getting in furniture now should soon convert her house into a home.

The LPBW star’s very likely to make this her very own little haven soon. But, she worries about Felix settling. Amy asked fans, “anyone else have experience helping a furry friend get adjusted to new surroundings? Any helpful hints/tips?” That’s why fans love Amy. She’s not scared to ask advice from them. Many people gave her suggestions. But, one seemed very good advice. The fan noted, “Just make sure he has lots of affection. Animals, especially dogs are social animals. He might be missing his friend. Maybe another doggie, or kitty?”


What do you think about that advice for Amy Roloff about Felix? Do you think the little dog might adjust better with a furry friend? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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