Jana Duggar Shares Reminder That Some Of Her Life Stays Private

Jana Duggar Instagram

Jana Duggar is one of the unmarried Duggar kids who uses social media. Previously, it was thought that the kids only started using social media when they were courting or married. It’s been shown that this isn’t actually the case. It’s even been cleared up by the family.

Now, both Jedidiah and Jana have social media accounts, but they are not courting anyone. Jedidiah uses his social media page primarily to update his followers on his run for office. He announced that he is running for Arkansas State Representative in District 89 in Springdale. Of course, he shares other posts about himself and his family on Instagram too.


Jana uses her Instagram account to update fans on her life as well. She shares about her family, as well as her renovations, decorating, and more. She seems to stay busy and loves what she does. Duggar fans love to see what Jana’s been up to. They’re often impressed with her do-it-yourself projects.

Jana has also found ways to make money via social media. She does this through partnerships with companies. She’s also started her own YouTube channel.

Jana Duggar gives fans a reminder about her social media page

Most of the time, Jana is sharing updates via social media. Of course, she is sometimes less active. For instance, she didn’t share about Christmas. Most of her family members chose to share how they celebrated the holiday. She hasn’t posted in nearly a week though. It’s unlike Jana not to share about something like a holiday.

Duggar fans were quick to notice something in Jana’s Instagram bio too. She wrote, “The best parts of my life don’t make it to social media🤗”. It’s unclear when she added this. Fans are just beginning to notice it now though.

Could this be a hint that something is going on behind the scenes? It’s possible. For years, fans have been speculating about a courtship. So far, all of those rumors have been disproved. She might be choosing to stay quiet about some things to give herself some privacy. Plus, she might not want to fuel any rumors.

Jana’s bio could also simply be a reminder to fans that she doesn’t choose to share everything. Between her Instagram page and her YouTube channel, she has a couple of ways to share about her life. Plus, she’s on TLC’s Counting On. Since she has grown up in the spotlight, she might be choosing to limit what she shares. This could be difficult for her because she is so used to sharing so often.

Still, fans are going to follow and support Jana no matter what she decides to share. They might appreciate that she’s limiting what she shares to protect her privacy. After all, it’s her choice whether she shares everything or not.

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