Josiah & Lauren Duggar Aren’t Properly Supporting Bella’s Head — See Photos

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Some Counting On fans have concerns regarding Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s parenting skills.

Jessa Duggar Seewald took to YouTube on Christmas Day to share a sweet lengthy candid video with Counting On fans. The video featured a closer look at what Christmas looked like in the Duggar household.

In the comments of the YouTube video and on Jessa’s Instagram, fans thanked her. They thanked her for the candid look at a Duggar Christmas. They thanked her for the raw and real footage that was very different from what they see on TV. Some even begged Jessa to consider filming candid videos of what it looked like in the Duggar household more often.

With candid filming comes unfavorable captured moments.

The downside to candid filming is not every member of the Duggar family gets captured in the best light. As Jessa scanned and filmed her family, some likely didn’t even realize they were being filmed.

With Counting On fans having eagle eyes with the finer details, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that they would quickly notice issues in the background.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s parenting skills and baby Bella’s safety are a cause for concern.

As Counting On fans watch the nearly 17 minute video on YouTube, they notice baby Bella is passed between her father Josiah and her mother Lauren several times. It, however, is questionable whether the parents are holding their baby girl properly.

Properly supporting the head of an infant is extremely important. According to the CDC, infants are especially prone to head, neck, and brain injuries.

Supporting an infant’s head is necessary to prevent the head from flopping and moving in an uncontrolled manner. Failure to do so can damage the baby’s brain.

Counting On fans noticed multiple instances of both Lauren and Josiah failing to properly support their daughter’s head.

In one photo, fans noticed Josiah holding baby Bella as well as a giant stuffed animal. Fans, however, quickly took issue with him appearing to support the head of the stuffed animal better than the head of his daughter.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar YouTube
[Jessa Seewald YouTube]
In the still above from the Christmas video, Bella’s head is flopped over to the side at a strange angle, while Josiah uses his hand and arm to support the head of the stuffed animal.

In a separate still from the video, fans see Lauren holding baby Bella while sitting on a couch next to Josiah.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar
[Jessa Seewald YouTube]
Counting On fans quickly noticed baby Bella’s head flopped backwards and neck bent. Both of Lauren’s hands and arms appeared to be folded underneath the baby. They were nowhere in sight. Certainly not supporting the little one’s head.

In a third still from the video, Lauren did appear to offer a little more support to baby Bella’s head. There, however, were other issues with the placement of Bella.

Lauren Duggar and Michelle Duggar
[Jessa Seewald YouTube]
Some Counting On fans took issue with how close the infant was to Michelle Duggar while she was using the megaphone. While it was certainly comical that Michelle used a megaphone to communicate with her massive family during the holiday, it was concerning that she did so while standing so close to an infant.

This isn’t the first time Lauren and Josiah have been parent-shamed.

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Lauren and Josiah have already been parent-shamed on Instagram. Some Counting On fans took issue with the Duggar couple taking baby Bella outside without putting socks or booties on her tiny feet. Lauren and Josiah, however, insist it wasn’t cold outside.

Did you notice the way Lauren and Josiah Duggar held baby Bella during the Christmas gathering? Are you concerned for the baby’s health? Sound off in the comments down below.

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