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’90 Day Fiance’: Anna Campisi Says That Ridiculous Translator App Was TLC’s Idea

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90 Day Fiance fans grew so irritated with Anna Campisi and Mursel trying to communicate. They thought that the translation app just made them look very stupid and made the episodes hard to watch. Now, Anna told someone on Instagram they used it because TLC wanted them to. Plus, some people suspect Mursel’s English is much better than they made out.

90 Day Fiance – Anna and Mursel had some stormy times on the TLC show

Anna and Mursel went through a few rough patches on the show. TV Shows Ace reported, “not only does the couple have communication problems, but Mursel has been hiding Anna’s three sons from a previous relationship from his family.” In an episode this month, we saw that Anna had about enough of hiding the kids from Mursel’s parents. Plus, we also saw that Anna’s mom is fearful of Mursel’s Turkish culture.

The whole thing just drove fans crazy, as all of this went on with an interminable translator app that made both of them look thoroughly silly. In fact, it almost beat out the never-ending video messages we saw with Caesar and his Ukrainian girl. All of his episodes showed him talking to his phone. And now, Anna admitted that when shooting for 90 Day Fiance, they used that app because TLC told them to. So, another bit of fakery comes out.

Anna Campisis admits the translator app was not her idea

The @crazyeyeskm2 Instagram account shared a screenshot of Anna’s conversation about the translator app. What she dished actually made that the admin and some fans angry about the deception. Crazyeyes captioned it with, “Anna admitting the show had them using the translator. The cast are like a bunch of mindless imbeciles that do whatever TLC ask them to do. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Apparently they do not realize how stupid they all look.”

You can see the full conversation by the 90 Day Fiance star further down in this article. But essentially, Anna said that they never used a phone app, which would have been so much easier. A fan pointed out the phone app speaks it out aloud, meaning less reading and talking.  Anna said, “We used the translation app like that because the producer wanted us to…” She added, “We do not use it like that normally.” And, even she agreed it was “ridiculous.” So, it made them look a bit crazy to fans. Some of those fans even think Mursel might have a better grasp of English than got made out as well.

Can Mursel speak English?

Back in October, 90 Days Fiance writer, Asa Hawks noted in Starcasm, “Mursel’s Facebook page indicates that he is from Antalya, Turkey. It also reveals that Mursel “studied at California State University, Northridge.” It’s unclear if that means he came to the United States, or if it was an online and/or correspondence program. Well, the same @craxyeyeskm2 account on Instagram also raised that fact about the 90 Day Fiance star some months ago.

Many fans believe he’s way more fluent in English than the show makes out. What do you think about Anna Campisi admitting they used that particular translation app just because TLC wanted them to. Even she agreed it made them look ridiculous. Would you look ridiculous on national TV just to earn some money on a show? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about the cast of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.

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