Duggar: Jeremy Vuolo Shares Sweet Family Photo

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Instagram

On social media Friday, Jeremy Vuolo shared a new family picture. The picture includes himself, his wife, Jinger Duggar, and their one-year-old daughter, Felicity. They are sitting on a bench together. In the caption, the Counting On star writes, “Right where she wants to be — in the center 😉“. Because she’s an only child, her parents can pay special attention to her.

Of course, she has lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles who probably spoil her. She’s used to getting all kinds of love from her family members.

On social media, Duggar fans follow the stars of Counting On. This is a great way for fans to keep up with the family members. This is because the show is behind on what is actually happening in their lives. Plus, with so many family members, it can be challenging for the show to cover it all.

Fans have liked seeing what Jeremy, Jinger, and Felicity have been up to since they moved to Los Angeles. It seems like the little family has been busy checking out the sights, trying new foods, and making friends. Both Jinger and Jeremy use social media quite often, giving fans a lot of pictures to look forward to.

Duggar fans react to Jeremy’s new post

In response to Jeremy’s new picture, fans had a lot to say. They are all big fans of Felicity and think she is just so adorable. They love seeing her grow and learn. Any pictures of her on Jinger’s and Jeremy’s pages get a lot of attention.


Most of the comments are about how cute the family is and how sweet Felicity looks. One fan said that Jeremy and Jinger are a “Nice looking couple”. Some fans were able to relate to the picture too. A follower wrote, “Yup. When my husband and I are on the couch, our youngest climbs riiiiiiiight in the middle lol”.

Fans think Jinger could be pregnant

One fan hinted that they hope Jinger and Jeremy’s family will be growing. The Duggar fan commented, saying, “There is at least one more space on the bench😉”. In response, someone else said, “I thought the same too! I’m not one to think ‘she’s pregnant!”‘in every other post, but this would make a perfect pre-announcement post lol 🥰”. Another fan thinks that Jeremy’s face hints at a big announcement. The fan writes, “I looked at Jeremy’s face…that said it all!”

The comments about a possible pregnancy continue. Someone said, “I feel like this is lowkey hinting pregnancy”. Someone responded to that comment and said, “I definitely think so. Every picture and insta story lately has been her covering her stomach in one way or another”.

Fans definitely love the new photo and look forward to seeing more soon. This is an exciting time with the holidays right around the corner. Be sure to stay tuned to see how the Duggars celebrate.


What do you think of this cute picture from Jeremy? Do you keep up with the Duggar family via social media? Leave a comment below.

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