‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Reveals He Felt Like He Was Dying

wheel of fortune's vanna white and pat sajak

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak sat down for his first ever interview following his emergency surgery. The longtime TV game show host told ABC’s Good Morning America that he felt a “horrific pain” in his stomach. It turns out that the pain stemmed from an intestinal blockage. Sajak talked about his emergency procedure, his future on the game show, and his thoughts on his co-host Vanna White.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ host reveals details about emergency surgery

On Friday, Dec. 20, Sajak gave the details of his procedure for the first time. He admitted the pain was so intense that he ended up in a fetal position. When he received a painkilling drug, he thought he was close to death, as reported via Deadline. It turns out he was only feeling the side effects.

“Suddenly, I wasn’t thinking about the pain,” Sajak said. “I just had these beautiful pastels and lovely faces coming out of it.”

“In the background, I could hear my wife and daughter talking. It sounded like they were a mile off, but they were right next to me…And I remember thinking, not in a morbid way, ‘I think this must be death. This must be what death is like.’ Hearing their voices, I thought, ‘Boy, their lives are gonna change now.’ And I felt badly for them. I didn’t feel badly about dying. I felt badly that they were gonna have to deal with the aftermath. As it turned out, I was just high.”

Sajak’s recovery has gone relatively smooth. He said that he’s been feeling “ridiculously good” for the past few weeks. He can’t wait to get back to host Wheel of Fortune. But he admits that his gig does get tiring. Sajak says he will continue to host the game show until he finds himself “doddering.”

Pat Sajak judges Vanna White’s hosting abilities

As previously reported via TV Shows Ace, fans slammed Vanna White for her “awkward” hosting abilities. But Sajak has nothing but kind words to say about his co-host. He’s grateful that she stepped up to the plate. Despite the social media outcry, Sajak believes that White is doing a fine job.

“What a trooper,” Sajak said. “And I’m not being condescending in any way ’cause it would’ve been well within her rights to say, Wait a minute, this is not what you’re paying’ me for. This is not what I do. And I’d rather not.’ But she’s a team player. And she was very nervous and not comfortable.”

Sajak teases his ‘Wheel of Fortune’ return

He admitted that White did so well that he was “a little nervous” that she wouldn’t give up her new role. He joked that she might poison him in order to ensure that he doesn’t return. He revealed that he will return to his original position some time in early 2020. Wheel of Fortune fans have been eagerly awaiting his big return.

According to a report via The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sajak is expected to return at the end of the month. The thing is, the game show tapes six shows a day. The last week of December is one of those weeks that will air at the end of the month. So Sajak will make an appearance on Dec. 30, but there won’t be any mention of his absence or White’s stint hosting.

White will later return as a host on Jan. 6, where she hosts the five remaining episodes. If that’s not confusing enough, Sajak wrote on Twitter that “the planets will realign, and it’s back to normal” is when his first return will air on Monday, Jan. 13.

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