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‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff Gives Grandson Jackson An Awesome Christmas Present – Critic Slaps At Parenting Skills

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LPBW star Matt Roloff shared the other day that he and Caryn Chandler are planning for a trip away to Arizona at Christmas. So, they hosted two Christmas parties. One came for Ember, Jeremy, and Audrey, and the other for Lilah, Jackson, Tori, and Zach. They had loads of fun by the looks of it and exchanged gifts. Jackson got an awesome present and he certainly looks very happy about it. But, a critic slapped at the Roloffs for their poor parenting skills.

LPBW Matt Roloff and Caryn holds a Christmas party for Jackson, his sister, and parents

TV Shows Ace reported on the Christmas party that Matt and Caryn hosted. We noted, “Matt Roloff confirmed they won’t be home in Oregon to spend Christmas with his family. It looks like Arizona’s on the agenda for the heat-loving grandad.” Matt often heads for the sunny state when the cold comes to Oregon. And, it’s not just that he hates the cold. Matt suffered many surgeries over the years, and his form of dwarfism combined with those, just makes the cold extremely uncomfortable.

The Hollywood Gossip noted that as they would be away in AZ, Matt made sure he got to spend time with his grandchildren. And, he expressed his thanks to Caryn for all her hard work. She arranged two back-to-back parties. That’s why Jackson got some early Christmas presents. The present from Matt and his “Chacha” as he calls Caryn, went down a huge hit with Tori’s son. But, someone thought of something to criticize about the LPBW family.

Jackson’s Christmas present – a lovely jeep

Fans of the TLC show know that ever since he was a tiny tot, Jackson simply adored riding in the mule with his grandpa. The biggest smiles always came from him when he persuaded Matt to take him for a ride on the farm. Sometimes, he waits for hours at the shed hoping Matt emerges and climbs into the mule. But, now he got his very own jeep.

Matt shared a photo of Jackson riding in his own new vehicle. His caption on Instagram read, “@toriroloff snapped this photo of Jackson lovin’ his Christmas present from grandpa and Chacha. It’s a big hit! I definitely asked permission from his mom and dad before spoiling him with his own jeep. They gave the nod…So grandpa went all in.” Fan thought it perfect for LPBW‘s little farmer, Jackson. But one critic slapped at them over it.

Critic slaps at parenting skills over Christmas present

In the post, quite a lot of fans said they also bought the same thing for their kids at the age of two. All of them noted how much their kids loved the ride-on and some kids played with it until they physically outgrew it. But, one LPBW critic hated that they gave it to him as an early present. They said, “Beautiful gift but I wished you’d saved it ‘til last. The motorized ride-ons are always the showstopper, so now the rest of the presents don’t get quite the same reaction. Tough to keep up with that – unless Amy has a pony at the ready?”

When other Little People, Big World fans chided them for telling the Roloff’s how to parent, they came back with more criticism. The reply read: “Jackson will be distracted for a little while with the gift efforts of all the other people who love him, but will want to get back to that Jeep. Z & T will have a tough go trying to get him to be polite to the less flashy stuff. Not offended you don’t get it but it’s not fair to the rest of the family.”

Critics often tell the Roloff family how to parent

It’s actually quite amazing how many people are totally ready to tell Matt how to grandparent, and Tori and Zach how to be successful parents. What do you think? How would you feel if someone criticized your Christmas gifting process? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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