‘VPR’: Lala Kent Shares Preview – Raves About Fiance Randall Emmett On The Show

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VPR returns to Bravo on January 7, so that’s not too many sleeps for die-hard fans to wait. Word got out that after years of staying off the show, Lala Kent’s fiance, Randall Emmett finally agreed to film. But, we had no idea that this meant so very much to Lala. Judging by the preview she shared, her comments are over the top with happiness.

VPR’s Lala Kent told the media she wants people to see their real relationship

TV Shows Ace reported that word got out back in November about Randall Emmett. Lala really wanted people to see her living her life with her man. But, Emmet never really showed any signs of wanting to feature on the Bravo show. Actually, some critics of Vanderpump Rules thought him very wise staying out of it all. After all, the drama really rolls over the top sometimes. In the preview that Lala shared, we see Lisa Vanderpump say, “I don’t even know where to start.” Then she adds, “Why does it have to get so complicated?”

Page Six reported that it looks like Lala finally convinced Randall to get on VPR. She told them, “You’ll actually see quite a bit of [my relationship]. I have no idea [why he caved in].” Plus, she added, “I’m the type of person, I make jokes about like blowjobs and BJs on the PJ — that’s just my sense of humor. I’m all talk. No, no bite.” It seems that Lala feels fans need to understand their dynamic. Now, she revealed just how ecstatic she is about it.

Lala Kent raves about Randall Emmett being on the show

In her Instagram post on Tuesday night, Lala revealed just how thrilled she is about her love being on VPR. She captioned it with, “It’s f*cking happening. All the begging I’ve done has paid off. Rand is officially a Bravolebrity 😂 I love you, babyyyy. Thank you for stepping into my world.” Actually, loads of fans seem just as excited as Lala.

One fan said, “they showed us the first episode at bravocon and rand was fully IN IT.” Meanwhile, another noted, “So excited to get to know this part of you!! Keep on crushing it.” Then, this fan seems beside themselves with joy, saying, “I can’t freaking waaaaiiiittt🙌❤️🤗.” Well, if that’s the reaction Randall gets from fans, maybe we’ll see their wedding aired by Bravo as well.


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