’90 Day Fiance’: Before The 90 Days’ Season 4: Fans Think They Found A Faked Bio Already

90 day fiance before the 90 days season 4

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days brings us its fourth season in February. The show premiere’s set for February 23 at 8pm ET/PT. Already, since the preview dropped on Tuesday, fans think the show’s likely to perform better than the current Season 7. Some storylines look familiar. And, one similar story is reminiscent of Angela and Michael. The couple presents an older woman in her fifties who falls in love with a young Nigerian. Fans think they found out that the storyline for the Nigerian guy might be somewhat fake.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days preview reveals Darcey’s back, and a Caesar-type Ukrainian

TV Shows Ace reported that Darcey Silva returns again. We noted that her return means she now featured in all four season of the TLC show – a record-setting number of times. Many fans expressed their disappointment that she returns. We see her with Tom all over again. Probably, as we know that failed, we see the trainwreck unravel. However, Darcey’s die-hard fans expressed a lot of joy. Expect loads of tears, no doubt.

Some familiar storylines play out on the show. For example, we see an American who dated a Ukrainian online for years. Like Maria, she always “ghosts” him. He’s attempting one last-ditch effort to meet up in person. So, we can probably expect lots of video calls just like Caesar. Fans mostly reacted well to the preview which you can see further down in this article. But, they think they already spotted a bit of a faked 90 Day Fiance bio.

A faked or inflated bio catches the eye of fans

US Weekly noted that “Lisa, 52, from York, Pennsylvania, is…having trust problems. After meeting on social media, she fell for Nigeria singer Usman ‘SojaBoy,’ 30, but upon meeting, she’s shocked by his massive female fan base.” Well, in the preview we see these two. Lisa, very much older than Usman brings a feel of Angela to the screen. Angela’s another older woman who fell in love with a Nigerian. Only, this Nigerian’s way more flamboyant than Michael Ilesanmi.

In the preview for 90 Day Fiance, we see Lisa telling the camera, “in Nigeria’s he’s a celebrity.” He’s a musician and rapper of some sort and plays copy-cat with American rappers. He’s got his flash sunglasses on at night. Plus, he wears his cap on backwards as he sings his songs in an American accent. Lisa waves her hand at her face, as if fanning away the heat. But, he might not be the big star Lisa makes out. Fans asked other Nigerians about him on YouTube.

Fans on YouTube discuss possible faked or inflated bio

Fans of 90 Day Fiance often grow skeptical about people with claims of wealth and success. So, one fan asked about Usman on YouTube. They said, “My nigerian commenters is the dude an actual Nigerian celebrity 🤔?” And, it seems that none of those who responded ever heard of him before. Here’s what they said:

  • “I’m nigerian and it’s safe to say i have never seen or heard of him before lmfao.”
  • “I’m Nigerian. I could be walking down the street and I wouldn’t know who that man is. Sorry to that man. Lmao.”
  • “Another Nigerian-American here and I can tell you that man is not a celebrity. lmaooo.”
  • “I’m Nigerian and I’ve never heard of him too.”

But one Nigerian 90 Day Fiance fan pointed out he may be locally known. They noted, “Probably not a celeb but popular in his city. I know there are rappers in my city id recognize and they are quite popular but most people wouldn’t know them. Definitely not in another city.”


What do you think of this faked or inflated profile that fans think they discovered in the upcoming Season 4 of the show? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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