‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo Shares Felicity Enjoying Her First Musical Fountain

Counting On Felicity Vuolo

Counting On star Jeremy dotes on his daughter, and he enjoys sharing her adventures. Now, his little sweetie pie saw her first musical fountain. In the short clip, we see Felicity from behind, but obviously rivetted. In the background, she makes excited comments. Jinger also shared a cute clip, and the little girl really knows how to smile at the simple things in life.

Counting On – musical fountain clip of Felicity shared by Jeremy Vuolo

Felicity’s growing up and each day she seems a little bit cuter. TV Shows Ace reported, “From what Jinger and Jeremy post on social media, it seems like they have a lot of fun with their little girl.” Plenty of smiles and laughter presents a picture-perfect little family as they enjoy their life in LA. They also get out quite a bit, and sometimes we see Felicity riding on top of Jeremy’s suitcase. This weekend, they went to The Americana at Brand.

Jeremy shared about the water fountains at the venue. The Counting On star captioned his post with, “We were able to catch one of the spectacular water fountain shows at @americanabrand. Needless to say, Lissy was captivated. Have you ever seen a musical fountain before? 🤔⛲” Well, lots of people had, but others, not so fortunate hoped that one day they might have an opportunity. They enjoyed the very short clip and commented. One fan said, “I’ve never seen a water fountain show @jeremy_vuolo however, I have experienced the love and tender moment between a father and daughter with my dad – much like this tender moment Lissy is able to share with you!”


Jinger also shares about her little girl enjoying a suitcase ride

Fans originally saw Felicity enjoying riding atop Jeremy’s suitcase when they traveled to LA from Laredo. Back then, she smiled and enjoyed it, but looked a bit nervous. Nevertheless, her dad was there to safeguard her. Cheatsheet reported at the time that Jeremy said on Instagram, ‘Every time we had to load or unload our luggage this week on the road trip to L.A., Lissy wanted to take a little trip of her own!'” And, she obviously still loves playing that game.

Jinger shared a short video of Felicity on Sunday. Once again, she sat on top of Jeremy’s suitcase as he rolled it along. The Counting On star captioned her post with, “I just love that Felicity has this innocent way of reminding us that it’s the simplest things in life that can make you smile.” Fans love how she laughs and smiles as it brightens their day.


What did you think of Felicity seeing her first-ever musical fountain? Did you ever see one? And, the fact that Felicity still loves the suitcase ride with dad is very cute. Do you know any other kids who do that? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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