’90 Day Fiance:’ Is Anna And Mursel’s Relationship On The Rocks?

90 day fiance anna and mursel

Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance was an explosive one for most of the couples, including Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu. The couple was faced with more problems. Although both are 38 and love beekeeping, both of them couldn’t be total opposites. Not only does the couple have communication problems, but Mursel has been hiding Anna’s three sons from a previous relationship from his family.

Mursel, who is from Turkey, claims that his family’s conservative values are the reason as to why he hasn’t told them about it. He said that they would never speak to him ever again if they ever found out. Anna is annoyed that he has to hide her sons from his family. If that isn’t enough, Anna’s sons are not crazy about Mursel.

Couple’s wedding is in jeopardy

On Sunday night’s episode, Anna’s friends threw her a bachelorette party. After downing several shots, she revealed to her friends that Mursel hasn’t told his family about her sons. Her friends then suggested that they should address their issues head-on before she considers marrying him. Anna’s friends also asked her questions about her bedroom life, as previously reported via Yahoo! Entertainment.

Since Mursel doesn’t drink, he allows Anna to drink once a week. He also doesn’t want to kiss or do anything intimate with her whenever she’s had a few drinks. However, she reveals that they do anyway. Anna later reveals to the TLC cameras that she’s happy with their bedroom life.

The bachelorette party opened Anna’s eyes to the truth about her relationship. She realized that she can no longer allow Mursel to keep her sons a secret from his family. She later tells him that they can’t get married until he tells his parents. He says that it’s a “big problem” for him, which leaves the two faced with another roadblock.

In the next preview of 90 Day Fiance, it looks like Mursel comes clean to his parents. Of course, that doesn’t end well for the couple. Does that mean Anna and Mursel won’t make it down the aisle after all?

’90 Day Fiance’ spoiler reveals that Anna and Mursel are officially married

As previously reported via TV Shows Ace, Anna and Mursel got married on Sept. 8. The FraudedbyTLC Instagram account leaked the couple’s official court records from Nebraska. In addition, Mursel changed his current location in Nebraska. But Anna took to her Instagram account to reveal that they only had an engagement party and that they’re not officially married.


Nonetheless, it seems the couple have overcome their issues in order to move to take the next step in their relationship. Only time will reveal how they handled these apparent issues.

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