‘Unexpected’: Is McKayla Adkins Planning For A Third Baby?

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McKayla Adkins, star of TLC’s Unexpected, has her own YouTube channel. On her channel, she posts videos about life as a teen mom, shares important updates, answers fans’ questions, and more. Sometimes, fans of the show like to see what’s going on in her life. Some fans choose not to watch her videos because they are monetized. Whenever someone watches a video, she gets money.

Over the weekend, McKayla released a new YouTube video. This one is addressing whether she’s planning for baby number three. They started out by sharing that they were doing a Q&A. The first questions were about how each of them lost their virginity to each other.

The teen mom currently has two young children with Caelan Morrison. Caelan and McKayla have been dating off and on since McKayla got pregnant with their first son, Timothy. Timothy is now two years old. Their daughter, Gracelynn, is almost a year old. As of right now, McKayla and Caelan are together. This does seem to change quickly for the couple, as shown on Unexpected. They seem to be doing well right now.

Recently, McKayla revealed that she is having her IUD removed, which means that she will no longer be on birth control. In a Q&A on social media, McKayla revealed, “I randomly get bad pains in my lower stomach and back. Last night I could barely breathe…This is another reason I want it out.” It seems that she’s having trouble with her IUD.


Unexpected – McKayla and Caelan talk baby number 3

In a recent YouTube video, Unexpected stars McKayla and Caelan talked about a third baby. A fan asked, “If you were to get pregnant again, would you want a boy or a girl?” Caelan and McKayla both agreed that they would want a girl. McKayla adds, “Because boys are just too hard. They’re too like crazy.”

An Unexpected fan left a question, asking, “Will you guys be having another baby soon?” Caelan responds, saying,

“We talked about it, but I don’t know if we will or not. Because she wants to go to cosmetology school. And the kids…we would…if we did have another baby, it would be when Timothy is in school.” McKayla adds, “[When] Gracelynn’s in school. It’s just hard because, like, I want another baby really bad, but at the same time, it’s like Timmy and Gracelynn are so close in age that I would want this one close in age too, and I feel like by the time they’re in school, you know, they’re gonna be like four or five, and then I feel like we’re not gonna want to start all over again. So, it’s just kind of gonna be a wait-and-see thing because you never know how we’re gonna feel when they’re in school. Like, we might just say, ‘no, we’re good. We’re perfectly happy with our family.'”

One Unexpected fan asked about the IUD and wrote, “How does Caelan feel about you going off birth control?” He responds and says, “Well, we just talked about it, and I don’t know if she’s gonna get the IUD out or not, because she’s feeling better now.” She might wait one more month to see how things go before going off of it. She says that she has been bleeding every day and having dry skin. She says, “I kind of want to give it a chance, because I don’t want to get pregnant again.”


Fans ask more questions about McKayla and Caelan’s relationship

Fans also asked questions about how Caelan provides for McKayla, Timothy, and Gracelynn since he’s so young. On the show, viewers saw that he provides for his little family. Then, they revealed that McKayla’s YouTube channel is currently paying a lot of the bills.

Someone asked about how the couple is making their relationship work now. As fans know, on the show, there was a lot of drama between McKayla and Caelan. McKayla hesitated to answer, trying to come up with a response. Finally, she said, “Maybe the fact that we’re like seeing a counselor. Like, I honestly don’t know. Maybe we’re just more mature.” Caelan adds that he has been helping out a lot more around the house. Then, McKayla continued, saying that part of the reason that they broke up before is that he couldn’t help out because he was working so much.

Then, McKayla reads another question from an Unexpected fan, saying, “Did the show make your relationship worse?” Caelan responds, saying,

“To an extent, kind of. But I don’t think really. Honestly, I think that, like, they offered to pay for a wedding for us, they bought rings. Like, they didn’t try to destroy our relationship. Of course, they’re gonna dig for dirt and stuff like that. But half of the time, like, if how they dig for dirt is like, ‘hey, say this’, and if you’re stupid enough or willing enough to say something something, like about someone else. For instance, like, McKayla’s mom would say something about my mom, or my mom would say something about her mom. If they’re both willing to say that sh*t to piss each other off. I don’t think that it really destroyed our relationship.”

In response to a question, they talked about where they hope to be in the future. In the next five years, Caelan and McKayla both hope to see themselves in a big, nice house with the kids in good schools. They seem to be on the same page at this point. McKayla wants to open her own cosmetology business.

A fan asked about the Unexpected couple’s date nights. They said they like to go to the movies or out to dinner. They also enjoy hanging out at home. Caelan says that they’re “not really social”.

On her YouTube videos, McKayla often turns off the comments. This is because Unexpected viewers can leave nasty messages for her at times. They don’t like that she makes clickbait titles on her YouTube videos to draw viewers in.

What do you think of Caelan and McKayla’s Q&A on YouTube? Did you watch the whole video? Leave a comment below.

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