‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Gives Robyn ‘Table-Scraps’ – Fans Look For The Meaning

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Sister Wives returns on January 5 and fans waited anxiously for a preview. The day finally arrived, and we can expect a lot of drama between the wives and Kody. In the preview, Kody Brown says he gave Robyn “Table Scraps.” Fans rushed off to ferret out what the idiom meant. And to their surprise, it means something that they hope he just meant figuratively, nor not. What did Kody mean?

Sister Wives – furious Kody Brown, Robyn in tears

TV Shows Ace reported that this year, hardly any photos of Kody with his wives emerged online. And, now the preview’s out for the new season, perhaps fans understand why. The upcoming season looks to bring much drama between him and the wives. Actually, in the past fans saw Kody bossing everyone around. But, this season we see him furious, raging and losing it with the cluster of women. It certainly looks like the Flagstaff move created some mega-fractures between them and Kody.

Fans who still think Robyn Brown’s behind the decision to move to Flagstaff might change their minds. And, if you believe she’s Kody’s favorite, wife, you could be wrong about that. In fact, in the Sister Wives preview, we see Robyn breaking down in tears because they were happy in Las Vegas. And we see her looking withdrawn and sad, a lot. But, if you also still think Meri and Robyn Brown hate each, you may be surprised that she defends Meri against Kody in a way.

Robyn stands up for Meri – Kody rages – ‘feeding table -scraps’

Meri and Kody end up going for therapy to try and mend their broken relationship, Popculture noted. We see Meri saying that Kody “doesn’t want to move forward trying to work things out” with her. Kody responds saying that he can’t as Meri always plays the “victim.” Then, the preview cuts to the scene outdoors with Robyn.

She sort of defends Meri, and Kody shouts at her. First, he has a real tantrum, waving his arms and stomping. Then Kody yells, ” I was already giving you everybody’s table scraps Robyn. Do you think that’s fair? I don’t’.” He adds, “Robyn stop! Stop defending Meri.” Anyway, he goes on quite a bit about it and TLC bleeps out some of his words. Wow, the Sister Wives patriarch certainly knows how to raise the stakes in a domestic argument.

Ferreting the meaning of ‘table scraps’

Well, that got fans saying on the coverage by Katie on Without A Crystal Ball on YouTube that they went googling. They discovered that the idiom basically means giving someone the food left over on the table after the main family ate.  Some fans noted, they experienced this in Europe with host families. But, As Katie explained, she’s sure he meant that “figuratively.”

If what he said meant he was slipping into the sheets to give her the “left-overs” from the other exploits with the wives, then that’s kinda gross, fans think. And, Robyn says plural marriage makes her feel “disenchanted.”

What do you think Kody meant by saying he gives Robyn “table scraps?” Did, you go and ferret out what he meant? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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