Rachel Lindsay And Bryan Abasolo Are Having A “Super Chill” First Married Christmas In Dallas, Texas

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Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo will be seeing a change of scenery for their first married Christmas. They are going to go from Miami to Dallas. After all, everything’s bigger in Texas, Christmas included!

This Chill Christmas Is A Bit Of A Change From What Rachel’s Family Is Used To

“This year we are spending it in Dallas. We spent the last two in Miami,” the Bachelorette alum said on Thursday, December 12. “For my family, it will be one of the most low-key Christmases we will ever have because my nephews are going to visit the other half of our family, so it will be super chill, just exchanging a few gifts Christmas morning.”

She went on to note that their usual family celebrations are a bit more exciting than this “low-key Christmas” they plan on this year. She mentioned they would typically do a large brunch as a family. Later in the evening, they’d enjoy going to a movie together.

The couple tied the knot in August in Mexico and traveled to Greece for their honeymoon. These newlyweds have embraced the holiday season, a lot of it has to do with Lindsay’s name change.

“This year, as the first year of being Mrs. Abasolo, I have really taken in decorating,” Lindsay said about the season. “I got our stockings with our letters on it. I went Christmas shopping with his mom.”

She added: “It’s not our first Christmas together, but it is as a married couple and I have really been stepping it up a notch.”


There’s A Chance This Is Going To Be Their First, Last And Only Christmas Without Kids

The couple came together during season 13 of The Bachelorette, Abasolo won the final rose and popped the question. And if everything goes according to plan, this could be their first married Christmas as well as the only one without children.

“We hope to have kids sooner rather than later,” the Texas native said back in October. “We’re not preventing it, but if we’re planning, we’ll have kids in the next year.” The fan would love to hear that a baby is coming from this couple.

Bryan Abasolo is also on board with the expansion of their family, according to UsWeeklyhe’s as ready as he’ll ever be.

Rachel Lindsay says they are definitely on the same page about their desires. She also noted that she’s sure she’ll be the stricter parent of the two. That’s just who she is, she said it, not us.

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