‘Welcome To Plathville’: Olivia Plath Reveals Ethan Grew Up Not Celebrating Holidays

Welcome To Plathville Olivia Plath and Ethan Plan Christmas

Welcome To Plathville aired its final episode this week. Olivia Plath took to Instagram to say she and Ethan and Micah got together with friends to have a watch party for the last episode. And, she also mentioned they never got around to their promised YouTube Q&A as there’s a lot going on. They need to plan what they’ll do for Christmas. And, Ethan grew up never celebrating this type of holiday.

Welcome To Plathville – last episode saw Olivia Plath and Ethan at a watch-party

The final of six episodes screened this week, and fans wonder if more seasons will follow. Interestingly, we noted that it aired on the same night as the Duggars in Counting On. Both religious and conservative, they differ in some ways. While it came with controversy and some allegations of TLC frauding the storyline, there’s a possibility of a second season. But, we need to wait for confirmation from the network.

On her Instagram Stories, Olivia said she felt a bit nervous about watching the finale of Welcome To Plathville.  After all, she said it’s a bit intimidating “watching yourself on national television.” In another story, she shared a photo and tagged herself, Micah, and Ethan in it. That picture showed them all after the episode and they all looked rather happy about how it went. But something else rather interesting emerged. She said that Ethan never celebrated holidays when he was growing up.

Welcome to Plathville the final episode

Ethan, Christmas holidays, and celebrations this year

TLC fans know that while the Duggars don’t celebrate everything the same as most people at Christmas, they do celebrate. Cheatsheet noted, “the Duggars do not buy a Christmas tree for the festive holiday.” But, they make up big banners and celebrate it as the birthday of Christ. They do not believe in Santa, so no large gifts get exchanged, but nevertheless, they do give small gifts and start their Jesus birthday celebrations after Thanksgiving. It’s a festive time for the family.

But, for the Plath kids, they simply don’t seem to celebrate it at all. TLC fans who watched the new Welcome To Plathville show know the kids live under strict rules. No sugar, no soda, no television, and more. But, one would expect a religious family to celebrate something during the festive season. But, it seems they don’t according to Olivia. Olivia said this year, they still try and figure out how to celebrate and it looks like it will be Ethan’s first time.

Welcome to Plathville Olivia Plath

Holiday celebrations foreign to Ethan

On her video clip. Olivia mentioned that they never yet got around to answering questions on a promised YouTube Q&A. She explained lots of questions came in and they take their time selecting which ones to answer. But then, the Welcome to Plathville star noted there’s a “lot going on with Christmas holidays.” She said, “Ethan didn’t grow up celebrating holidays.” Then she added, “There’s a lot of pressure to figure out what traditions we want, and what are we going to celebrate.” They ask themselves, “how does our new family do this?”

What do you think about the fact that Ethan Plath never celebrated holidays like Christmas? Are you surprised they didn’t celebrate the holiday? After all, even the Duggars do something. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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