‘Welcome To Plathville’: Will There Be A Second Season?

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TLC is always airing a variety of new shows. A list of shows airing in January 2020 has been released, and it includes shows that are both new and old. One show that TLC aired for the first time this year  is Welcome to Plathville. The show began as a short, six-episode series. Now, TLC viewers are wondering if it’s coming back.

What is Welcome to Plathville about?

TLC fans aren’t sure how to feel about the Plath family. Dad Barry and mom Kim have nine children together and live in the south on a farm. They are an ultra-conservative Christian family with very unique values. For example, their children have never even had a sip of Coke. They don’t eat sugar, except for honey and natural sugars. The kids aren’t able to play video games and they have limited access to technology. Plus, the kids are homeschooled.

Things began to change when the oldest son, Ethan, married Olivia. Olivia was raised in a Christian household as well, but her family wasn’t as strict as Ethan’s. Naturally, since getting married, Ethan has begun to try new foods, such as Pop Tarts, and drink alcohol, which he didn’t do before. The list goes on. Now, Ethan’s parents are worried that Olivia is a bad influence on the younger kids.

This has made for a rather interesting TV show. There is a lot of drama between Olivia and Kim and Barry. Viewers are watching it all unfold and hoping for the best. Olivia has quickly become a fan-favorite.


Will there be a second season?

Welcome to Plathville viewers think that this is one of those shows that isn’t amazing, but they just can’t stop watching it. Some viewers do truly enjoy the show, of course. Now that the show is coming to an end, the question is whether there will be another season of the show. Fans agree that there is certainly enough to include in another season. There could even be a full-length season rather than a short one.

Originally, TLC only planned on the short first season to see how the show performed. At this point, there hasn’t been any news on whether the show will be renewed. It gets a lot of attention, especially because it is aired on the same night as Counting On, which features the Duggar family.

Stay tuned for more updates about this show and other TLC shows. Hopefully, TLC will make an announcement soon about a possible renewal.

Do you hope to see another season of the Plath family? Leave a comment below.

The finale of Welcome to Plathville airs on TLC Tuesday, December 10 at 10/9c.

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