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It’s a fun time for families when there’s a new baby on the way. Josiah and Lauren Duggar recently welcomed their first baby girl to the world. The baby girl was born on November 8. Now, she is one month old. Bella Milagro is the couple’s rainbow baby. Prior to Bella’s birth, Lauren had a tragic miscarriage. The family seems to be adjusting well to their new addition.

Prior to Bella’s birth, the family threw a gender reveal party, which was shown on Tuesday night’s episode of TLC’s Counting On.

At the time of the party, Lauren also posted pictures via her social media page. Fans loved seeing how the family was celebrating the baby and finding out her gender too.

At the party, the family members popped balloons to see what the baby’s gender is. This is a common gender reveal party tradition.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar use early blood test to find out baby’s gender

Though it wasn’t documented on Counting On, the show released a video clip via Facebook. The video clip showed Lauren taking a blood test. In the clip, the couple also talks about their baby on the way and being excited to find out the gender.

Before the gender reveal party, Josiah and Lauren Duggar had to find out the baby’s gender. They were too impatient to wait until they could tell via the ultrasound. So, the couple’s friend, who is a nurse, came over to the couple’s house to help.

Lauren ordered a gender reveal blood test kit so that she could find out the gender as soon as possible. To make sure that no male DNA was present, she sent Josiah and the film crew to the corner. If there is the smallest bit of male DNA in the test, it shows that the baby is a male. To prevent an incorrect result, Lauren was extra cautious when taking the test. She even went so far as to wipe down the surfaces in her kitchen.

Once Lauren took the blood test, Josiah mailed it to the lab. The plan was for Lauren’s sister, Lily, to receive the results. From there, Lily could plan a gender reveal party. Then, it would be a surprise for everyone else.

At the gender reveal party that was shown on TLC on Tuesday, Josiah and Lauren Duggar shared that they had chosen the baby’s name. They chose to keep it a secret until the baby arrived.

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