Duggar: Jana Asks Fans To Guess Which Duggar Baby Is Which

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Duggar fans know that there is currently a baby boom in the family. Fans are excited to see updates about the new babies in the family. Three baby girls were born in November, and one more is coming in January.


First, Joe and Kendra had their daughter, Addison. Addison was born on November 2, 2019, at 5:33 am. She joined big brother Garrett.

Then, Josiah and Lauren’s daughter, Bella, was born on November 8. She is the couple’s first baby. Unfortunately, they had a miscarriage prior to Lauren getting pregnant with Bella.

Finally, Josh and Anna’s sixth child was born on Thanksgiving Eve. They named her Maryella after Grandma Mary, who passed away earlier this year.

John and Abbie are currently expecting their first child. They are having a baby girl in January. Duggar fans are especially thrilled for the couple because they are a fan favorite.

As of right now, no other pregnancies have been announced. Fans are wondering if Jinger Vuolo could be pregnant with her second child. She seems to be the most likely to be pregnant.

Jana Duggar asks fans to guess which baby is which

Because three Duggar babies were born in November, it might be confusing to tell which one is which. Jana decided to use this as a little game on her Instagram stories. She posted a quiz urging fans to “guess who” each baby was. She posted pictures of two of the three newest babies.

In the stories, Jana gave fans three options to choose from – Maryella, Addison, and Bella. Fans can tap on the answer they think is correct and receive the correct answer.

Jana Duggar Instagram

Jana Duggar Instagram

In the first photo, Kendra and Joe’s baby girl, Addison, is pictured. The second photo is of Josh and Anna’s daughter, Maryella. It seems that Josiah and Lauren weren’t at this family gathering with Bella, because she isn’t pictured.

Jana didn’t share how many fans got the answers correctly. She did tag the parents of the babies in the last photo she shared of each of them. This allowed fans to know whether they guessed correctly.

Lauren, Kendra, and Anna seem to share quite a bit via social media. This helps fans to know what the babies look like. Plus, Addison looks quite a bit older than Maryella, even though they are less than a month apart.

Did you guess which baby is which correctly? Do you think the babies look alike? Leave a comment below!

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