Below Deck’s Tanner Sterback Doesn’t Hold Back When Talking About His Hookups

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Below Deck’s Tanner Sterback is not following the rule, “loose lips sink ships.” The deckhand is getting candid about his latest hookups with Simone Mashile and Aesha Scott. He gets so excited about these hookups that he can’t wait to share the details with others. But both Captain Lee Rosbach and Below Deck fans think Tanner’s recent comments are in bad taste.

Captain Lee Rosbach calls out ‘Below Deck’ star for sharing details about hookup with Simone Mashile

The Stud of the Sea initially didn’t hold back on sharing his thoughts on Tanner’s hookup with Simone Mashile during last week’s episode of Below Deck. In the 30-second scene, a butt-naked Tanner was seen crawling into bed with Simone. The following day, Tanner shared the details of his hookup with the rest of the crew. In a new blog post, Captain Lee talked about Tanner’s unprofessionalism on the episode.

“Well, lets [sic] get started, Tanner, I’m not sure how someone gets so drunk, puke their guts out and then keep going like nothing has happened,” Captain Lee wrote. “Must be the youth gene. I found your PDA rather tasteless with Simone, especially after you have been throwing up for quite sometime. I also found your comments on the back deck about your sexual exploits to fall in the same tasteless category.”

One thing that stood out about the hookup was the lack of reciprocity. Tanner bragged that he got a “12 second hand-j**” out of it. Captain Lee added that Simone may not also be happy with Tanner sharing the details of their hookup with the rest of the crew. It could be the reason why Simone refused to mention it to Rhylee in the first place.

“I’m sure when Simone finds out about it she will be rather embarrassed about it as she should,” Captain Lee continued. You didn’t display much class there at all, and neither did the crew by sitting around and laughing about it, like it was a spectator sport, but perhaps that’s just me being old school.”

Tanner Sterback reveals that one time he hooked up with Below Deck Med’s Aesha Scott

This isn’t the first time that the Below Deck stew has talked about his exploits. He also got candid about his hookup with Aesha Scott. It all started when the Below Deck Mediterranean star revealed on a Nov. 12 episode of her podcast Going Overboard that she hooked up with him. The hookup took place in Los Angeles after Tanner filmed the current season of Below Deck.

Tanner confirmed the hookup in a recent interview with Decider. He revealed that he also hung out with João Franco and Colin Macy-O’Toole at the same party. But it was Aesha that he was interested in.

“We hung out, went out dancing, flirting a little bit, and one thing led to another,” Tanner admitted. “We woke up together and that was it. She went back to New Zealand and I went back to New York.”

On Aesha’s podcast, she revealed that he was well-endowed, to which he called “high praise.” He also admitted that Aesha talked to him first before revealing the details of their hookup on her podcast, to which he “was grateful.” He admits that it brought him “good press.”

Tanner doesn’t reveal the details about his new girlfriend

It must’ve worked out because Tanner has revealed an in interview with OK! Magazine that he has a new girlfriend. During the interview, he was asked if he would ever give it a try with Kate Chastain ever again. That’s when Tanner admitted he would if he were single still.

He wouldn’t give any details about the new woman in his life, but he said that he’s in “a good relationship right now” and that he’s “very happy about it.” He didn’t want to share any details about his relationship, which is very new. Tanner did admit that he’s not “a relationship guy,” so he didn’t expect to find happiness so soon.

What are your thoughts on Tanner Sterback sharing the details about his hookups? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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