‘Counting On’: Jedidiah Duggar Enjoys Quality Time With Niece, Nephews

Counting On star Jedidiah Duggar Instagram

Jedidiah Duggar of TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On recently joined Instagram. Around the time that he joined social media, he announced that he is running for Arkansas State Representative. The Duggar son will be 21 years old later this month.

Much of his social media account is used to promote his run for representative, but he does share personal updates too. He sometimes posts pictures featuring his family members.

This weekend, Jedidiah shared a post of himself with a couple of his nephews and one of his nieces. The Counting On star has lots of nieces and nephews. He has 16 nieces and nephews. Plus, John-David and Abbie’s first child will arrive early in the new year.

On his post, Jedidiah wrote, “Having fun with the nieces and nephews!! Since a lot of us don’t live at the ‘big’ house anymore, it’s always a blast when we can get together there!! #holidayevenings #saturdaynight”. In his post, he included three pictures.

These pictures feature Spurgeon Seewald, 4, Mason Duggar, 2, and Ivy Seewald, 6 months. It looks like Jed is enjoying this time with the little ones in his family.


Here’s what a few Counting On fans had to say:

  • “Sooo cute and such beautiful people! 😍”
  • “So glad you spend time with your nephews and nieces. ❤️”
  • “Oh my goodness Ivy looks exactly like Ben🌸”
  • “They’re too cute!! But! Take your time Jed 👍”.

Is Counting On star Jedidiah Duggar in a courtship?

There has been some speculation that Jedidiah Duggar might be in a courtship. He’s certainly old enough by the Duggar family’s standards to take that step. He just joined Instagram a couple of months ago, and that’s typically a sign that a Duggar is in a courtship. Still, some Counting On stars have joined Instagram prior to entering a courtship.

There are a couple of possible women that Jedidiah could be courting now or very soon. The Duggar family is familiar with the Caldwell family. Counting On fans will recall that Joseph married Kendra Caldwell. Well, it turns out that Kendra has a sister that Jedidiah could be interested in.

A recent photo also caused fans to wonder if Jed is courting Laura DeMasie. In the photo, Jed has his arm around Laura. Now, it was for a photo, so it could have just been for that purpose. It’s worth keeping in mind that they Duggar family is strict on PDA.


The Counting On family keeps fans up-to-date on their life changes. Perhaps Jed is waiting for all the baby news to blow over to announce a courtship. Or, maybe he’s sticking to running for office and worrying about a courtship later.

On his recent post, one fan asked, “@jed_duggar but you are not married yet and you don’t live at the main house?” Though Jed didn’t answer himself, a fan offered clarification for the current situation. That fan wrote, “I saw someone comment on another post saying that he has to have an apartment in the district in which he is running for public office”.

What do you think of these new pictures of Jed with his nieces and nephews? Do you see a courtship in his future? Leave a comment below.

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