Jax Taylor Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Has Kept Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix Blocked On Instagram

Tom Sandoval, Instagram

Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules is reportedly okay now with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. He hasn’t unblocked them on Instagram despite calling a truce. Tom Sandoval claims that’s his fault.

According to US Weekly, Tom said, “I told him not to unblock me a bit ago cause I was like, ‘Dude it’s kinda funny. I like it'” Ariana said she also doesn’t keep up with people from the show on social media either.

Ariana Madix Doesn’t Pay Attention To Her Co- Stars Social Media Either

Ariana Madix said she isn’t shading anyone, but she’s muted a lot of her cast mates. She said, “I love them all as people, but sometimes like the brand…talking about sweaters or something, I’m like it’s too much.” She says she’s just going to mute them which is why she didn’t know Jax had blocked her for a whlie.

When Jax blocked his co-stars he blocked Kristen Doute along with Ariana and Tom. Taylor said he just needed a break, Tom’s his best friend and he still loves everyone.



Fans Thought Maybe The Cast Had A Falling Out

He said, “people don’t understand, we do film a show together, but we also hang out together everyday.” He said too much togetherness made it where he had to get away every once in a while. Fans speculated something happened between everyone during the filming of the new season that caused Jax to block everyone.

They were aware the friendship had cooled between Kristen, Katie Maloney, and Stassi Schroder so they thought maybe there was a trend. It seems it’s just Jax being himself and going to the extreme to avoid confrontation.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix revealed they were still blocked while doing press for their new book. Fancy AF Cocktails is not only a book full of recipes, but also tea. The couple gave away some behind-the-scenes secrets of the Vanderpump crew.

Sandoval names a drink after Jax’s old playboy ways. He called it the Gentlemen’s Curse because Jax would say lots of gentleman-like things and be cursed by the worlds he couldn’t live up to. An example being at that time, the two of them shared a twin bed. All the cocktails in the book are related to a person or specific storyline on the show. Jax and Tom are now in completely different places with wife, Brittany Cartwright and girlfriend Ariana Madix respectively. It seems Jax just wants to keep them blocked and everyone is okay with it.

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