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Amy Duggar King Opens Up About ‘Living In Fear’ As A Kid

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The Duggar family is known for sharing their opinions on social media, but they don’t often respond to users who comment. Amy Duggar King shared a photo of her baby Daxton and said she always wanted to be a mom. In the picture with her is her husband Dillon King. She also revealed she had a difficult childhood and an abusive father. The comment came in reply to a fan who commented on her happy post.

She commented with the photo, “all I have ever wanted was a faithful, loving man, a peaceful household and to have the best job title in the world: Mama!” She went on to say how thankful she is for her life now. All of the pictures she’s posted with little Daxton have shown her over the moon with happiness.

Amy Duggar King Was Holding Back Alot

A follower commenting on Amy Duggar King’s post saying, “probably not very peaceful with that little guy but the best kind of noise. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving as a family of three.” While she probably meant the baby crying wasn’t peaceful, it struck a nerve with Amy.

She responded, “I grew up in a very hostile environment. If I didn’t put the cereal box in the pantry the right way it would be thrown in a tree. My mom and I walked on eggshells and lived in fear of what might happen next. Our home is peaceful and I feel safe here. Thankful my son will not be around emotional abuse like that 💙.” The same fan replied saying she’s happy that her child will never go through that and she just meant babies can be noisy.

Other fans shared they too had a difficult childhood they wouldn’t want their children to experience. All of her fans wished her a Happy Thanksgiving and told her to enjoy the first as a family of three.

She’s Shared Her Past Before

Amy has opened up about her painful past before. When she was on Marriage Boot Camp she talked about how her father was abusive. She said both her and her mother have been through counseling. They lived in fear not knowing what would happen next.

She’s much happier now and shared her mother helps her with baby Dax according to In Touch. Amy Duggar King said, “I’m not a superwoman, and I definitely have help!” She thanked her mother for all her support while she navigated the waters of new motherhood. She said, “Daxton loves spending time with his Nana! It’s so sweet to see a special bond you 2 already share!”

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