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Duggar Fans Wonder When Jinger Vuolo Will Be Pregnant Again

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In the Duggar family, there is always someone in a courtship or having a baby. Jim Bob and Michelle have 19 kids, so fans think that their kids will also have large families. Right now, only one woman in the family has announced a pregnancy recently. John and Abbie will have their first baby in January. Three babies were born in November though.

Fans are often speculating about who will be the next Duggar to have a baby. Right now, fans think that it might be Jinger Vuolo. She is currently the mom of a one year old. She and her husband, Jeremy, just moved to Los Angeles, California. When they moved to Los Angeles, they picked out a pretty big house for their family of three.

At the time, the couple mentioned that they chose a big house for their kids. Of course, they only have one child, but it’s expected that their family will grow.

Duggar fans wonder if Jinger is pregnant in new photo

Now, fans are thinking that Jinger Vuolo might be pregnant. On a Reddit thread, fans shared their thoughts about Jinger potentially being pregnant. It all began when one fan posted a Thanksgiving Day picture that Jinger had shared. The original post included that photo and the fan asked, “Is Jinger pregnant?”

Here’s what a few Duggar fans had to say in response:

  • “I think she is. I was convinced they would announce on Thanksgiving day- but I think they are waiting for all the girl baby news to slow down to announce.”
  • “In the recent episode where they were looking for a LA house, she said something about raising ‘the kids.’ The producer asked if she was pregnant and she said “I’m not making an announcement or anything” but did not deny being pregnant.”
  • “Does she look pregnant? I can’t tell. I look bigger after eating thanksgiving dinner haha.”

One fan was upset that everyone was speculating about a possible pregnancy and said, “I hate it when we speculate. Maybe she’s just going through a hormonal time and is bloated?” Another said, “Looks like a thanksgiving food baby to me”.


So far, Jinger has yet to announce whether she’s pregnant again. As usual, she will continue to keep Duggar fans updated about what’s going on in her life. She and Jeremy both post often about their lives in Los Angeles. Counting On also shows details about the couple’s life.

For more Duggar and Counting On news, stay tuned.

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