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Wendy Williams Called Former ‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Vanderpump A ‘Sneaky Snake’

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Wendy Williams is not one to mince words and when it comes to the housewives she really holds nothing back. Kim Richards is her latest dig. She commented on her going to Lisa Vanderpump’s dog foundation gala and saying Richards was, “breaking the sister code.” There were lots of housewives current and former at the event. There were pictures of Lisa Vanderpump with Camille Grammer and, of course, all the Vanderpump Rules stars.

Since Kim’s sister Kyle Richards is currently not speaking to Lisa Vanderpump. Wendy Williams thought her going was shady according to The Cheat Sheet. Wendy said she liked all three women; Kim, Lisa, and Kyle. She just questioned Kim Richards loyalty to her sister.

Why Did Wendy Williams Call Kim And Lisa Out?

Wendy Williams said, “if you have a sister and care anything about her, the worst thing you could do is violate the sister code by going to her enemy’s party.” She went on to say even if Kim asked Kyle if she cared, it was still a violation. She stated she doesn’t think Kim is a good sister.

Wendy also said, “I don’t blame Vanderpump though because she’s a sneaky snake. All she did was bait Kim and Kim was less than smart to fall for it.” Not everyone thought it was bad Kim went to the event. Several people on Instagram commented on the post of her and said it was so good to see her there. Of course there are always those that like to stir up drama with one fan commenting, “shots fired.” One could argue since Kim wasn’t on the show during the fighting and Lisa’s departure, she doesn’t have a dog in the fight. Pun intended.

Does Kyle Miss Her Friend Lisa And Want Her Back On The Show?

At BravoCon Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards almost ran into each other. Kyle said they’d run into each other before. She said, “I’ve seen her twice in Neiman Marcus, and at a restaurant last week. I said to the hostess, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Then we said, ‘Hello.’ I mean, ‘I said hello.’” Kyle was asked if she missed her friend and she said, “you know what, I am always nostalgic when people ask about the original cast from season one. Of course, I’d love to have any of them back.” Wendy Williams might say that Kyle is just being nice but only time will tell if these two can bury the hatchet.

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