‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Says She Has Baby Fever

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Fans of TLC’s Unexpected can agree that none of the parents should get pregnant again anytime soon. The teen mothers and fathers are juggling parenthood, relationships, and school. This has proven to be difficult for them, as shown on the TV show. Fans agree that the couples don’t need the added stress of another child so young.

One of the stars, Laura Barron, became a mom for the second time. She and her husband, Tylor Strawmyer, had their first son on the show. Then, in October, they had their second child.

Also, McKayla Adkins and her boyfriend Caelan Morrison have two kids together. The couple was featured on two seasons of the show for this reason. Now, their son Timothy is two years old. Their second child, Gracelynn, is almost one year old.


Unexpected star McKayla Adkins has baby fever

On social media, McKayla shared a photo of an expectant mother. Along with the photo, McKayla said, “I now have baby fever.” This means that she wants another baby. Whether she acts on it is another story.

In a recent YouTube video, McKayla shared, “I have been very unhappy….I’ve been depressed for a little bit now. I’ve been bouncing around on different medications for my anxiety and depression.”

Then, the young mother adds, “I don’t have time for myself. I don’t have time for literally anything. I go to school, I come home, I study. I’m probably going to have to drop out and get a job, and then go back to college when my kids are older and can understand why mommy’s not around. Because right now they don’t understand…They’re just, like, ‘Mommy’s not around.’ And they’re going to get attached to other people, and that scares me.” She has also shared that she doesn’t have a lot of money and that things are difficult.

Because of this, fans are hoping she doesn’t get pregnant for the third time. In early October, she said, “I don’t want any more kids. If I do have any more kids it’s going to be years down the line when I’m married, have my own house, and all of that.” So, it would be contradictory for her to get pregnant again now. It’s possible she changed her mind, but Unexpected fans are very hopeful that McKayla is not serious.

As of right now, it seems McKayla and Caelan are back together. They’ve moved in together to raise their kids. Unexpected viewers know that the couple has been off and on for years.


What do you think of McKayla’s baby fever? Do you think she’ll be pregnant again? Leave a comment below.

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