Stassi Schroeder Says She Keeps ‘Hearing Stories’ About Scheana Shay’s New Man

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Rumor has it Scheana Shay isn’t in the dating world anymore. After watching her play the field Bravo says she’s off the market. While she hasn’t came out to say it, several news outlets have reported it is a professional rugby player named Brock Davies. Stassi Schroeder recently got to give her opinion about her new man.

A fan asked Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark about the boyfriend during their panel at BravoCon. Specifically they asked about his supposed drunken behavior when he was out with her. Beau told the crowd, “I think I need another drink.”

What Does Stassi Schroeder Think Of Scheana’s New Man?

Beau Clark went on to say he liked Brock a lot. Stassi Schroeder said, “In front of us, he’s been very nice, but I keep hearing these stories.” She said the stories were making her laugh, because she’s been told information about him several times.

Beau went on to say she needed a good man for once, he said they hoped it worked out for her. Stassi Schroeder agreed with him that she had earned a good relationship. She said, “as much as I make fun of her, she earned it.” Scheana Shay’s other co-stars approve of the gym owner.

James Kennedy called him a hunk while his lady love Raquel agreed saying he was hot. Lala Kent approves of him calling him a hot teddy bear according to the Inquisitr. An insider said Brock surprised Scheana with a trip to Bali. He’s from Australia and Scheana posted an Instagram post of her holding a koala bear.

Scheana Agrees She Deserves A Good One

Scheana said her new man isn’t like those she’s been with in the past. She said she’d stayed single for a long time because, “they were the Robs and the Adams and the d**che bags and all the Bachelor guys, and it’s like, I was the one putting in so much effort.”

Scheana had been involved with Rob Valletta, Robby Hayes, and Adam Spott to name a few. She was also married to Mike Shay and shared their wedding on Vanderpump Rules. The two have maintained a good relationship despite divorcing.

She said she hopes this one is a keeper, she’s going to ride it out for now. Fans agree with Stassi Schroeder about her needing a good man. Stassi said, “Hopefully Brock is not an a–hole, hopefully he’s not a loser, hopefully he treats her correctly.” As with most things on Vanderpump Rules, only time will tell.

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