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‘VPR’ Star Jax Taylor Starts Twitter War With Perez Hilton & Loses Badly

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Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor is mouthing off on Twitter again. The reality star, who likes to block people who call him out, tried to come for gossip blogger Perez Hilton and it did not go over well.

VPR Star Jax’s Most Recent Social Media Gaffes

In September, there was a mini-scandal when eagle-eyed fans noticed Jax had unfollowed and blocked some of his Vanderpump Rules co-stars. Even best friend Tom Sandoval wasn’t safe from Jax’s tantrums.

Tom’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, even proudly wore a custom “Blocked By Jax on Twitter” t-shirt at this month’s BravoCon. While Jax seemingly made up with co-star Kristen Doute, the upcoming Season 8 trailer heavily features Jax and Tom at odds.

Jax is prone to unprovoked Twitter rants against strangers or random fans. In early November, he faced major backlash from fans when he made homophobic, bullying comments to someone on Twitter. In fact, rumors circulated that Jax would be cut from Season 8 due to his behavior.

The Bravolebrity trotted out the “I have a lot of gay friends” excuse. The outrage died down, but it wasn’t forgotten.

Jax Verbally Attacks Blogger Perez Hilton For No Reason

Perez Hilton made a name for himself by posting snarky gossip about celebrities on his blog. He also came under fire for “outing” gay celebrities. However, now Perez is a family man and a gay rights activist.

As reported by The Blast, Jax posted a screenshot of one of Perez’s TikTok videos with the caption, “All this dude does it make fun of people looks. Seriously.”

He later followed up by saying Perez is the last man who should be making fun of anyone else’s looks. Which is slightly ironic considering Jax did the same thing to a fan recently.

Word got back to Perez that Jax was insulting him on social media. Perez’s response turned an almost-feud into a laughing matter by thanking Jax for the free promotion.

Perez Hilton’s Comeback to VPR Star’s Insults Implies Jax Has a Drug Problem

Perez was quick to point out the hypocrisy of the VPR star’s tweets. He also noted that he stopped talking badly about celebrities almost 10 years ago and was a changed man.

At the end of his Instagram post, Perez strongly urges his fans to send Jax compassion for a drug and alcohol problem instead of sending him hate.

“@MrJaxTaylor from Vanderpump Rules didn’t even have the balls to @ me! I haven’t talked sh*t about people’s physical appearance since 2010. I do have opinions, however, about sh*t people – like Jax. The hypocrisy of attacking my looks for the same thing he falsely accused me of is lost on him. No one has ever accused Jax Taylor of being smart! I would sincerely like to thank him for promoting my TikTok. It’s lit! Hopefully he listens to my new song tonight and shares his thoughts! In all seriousness: please don’t send any hate to Jax Taylor. We should all have compassion for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.”

Needless to say, Jax let sleeping feuds lie and didn’t comment further. There’s no indication on Jax’s Twitter why he went after Perez Hilton. In fact, in another tweet, he says he doesn’t even know who Perez is.

The would-be feud with Perez Hilton may not have taken off. But fans can watch Jax’s feuds with his co-stars when Vanderpump Rules comes back to Bravo on January 7, 2020.

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