Kelly Dodd Did Not Get Engaged to Stay on ‘RHOC:’ Will She Move to ‘RHONY’?

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Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd has been accused of using her quickie engagement to Rick Leventhal to stay on the show. In a new interview, Vicki Gunvalson accused Kelly Dodd of getting engaged for a storyline on the show. Kelly Dodd has since spoken back in true Kelly fashion. The brazen and outspoken reality star is not sitting well with this new rumor. She’s already dealing with the other rumors about her on Season 14 of RHOC.

Kelly Dodd accused of faking her engagement to Rick Leventhal

According to the Real Housewives Gossip Twitter account, Friend of the Housewives Vicki Gunvalson believes that Kelly Dodd only got engaged to stay on the reality series. Vicki also went as far to call Kelly “irresponsible” for getting engaged so soon. She also claimed that Rick Leventhal doesn’t have a close relationship with Kelly’s daughter. On the current season of Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge and Vicki are seen talking about Kelly behind her back. It looks like that hasn’t changed.

On Thursday, Nov. 21, Kelly took to Twitter to squash this new rumor. Kelly claimed that her fellow castmates use her to create a storyline, not the other way around. She also wrote that she would be “the last person who would need to get engaged for a storyline.” Kelly said she doesn’t have a “calculating mindset” like the other ladies do. Does Kelly think Vicki got engaged just to get her orange back?

Kelly ended her tweet by asking Vicki to stop bringing up her daughter in interviews. On Tuesday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki announced her engagement to fiancé Steve Lodge. It’s kind of ironic for Vicki to believe that Kelly is using her engagement to create a storyline for herself. For some, it would seem as if Vicki is trying hard to get back on the show as a full-time housewife.

Vicki Gunvalson muses on Kelly Dodd’s quick engagement

In her interview with Hollywood Life, Vicki wouldn’t provide evidence to back up her claims, but she wasn’t afraid to share her thoughts on the matter.

“Is it a storyline?” Vicki asked. “Is it because she has to be with him, like, in a marriage situation, right away? She’d known him three months? I don’t understand that. What’s the rush? I mean, it’s a very responsible thing to do, to be married.”

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal started dating three months ago. The relationship quickly followed after Kelly’s breakup from Brian Reagan. Maybe Kelly just wanted to keep her love tank full just like Vicki tries to.

‘RHOC’ star Kelly Dodd considering big move to New York following engagement?

Now Kelly is considering moving her daughter, 13-year-old Jolie, from Orange County to New York City following her engagement to the Fox News correspondent. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the reality star revealed that her daughter would love to attend high school on the East Coast. But that could prove to be difficult. As previously reported via TV Shows Ace, Kelly has been reportedly feuding with her ex-husband Michael Dodd over her engagement.

However, fans might not like to see Kelly leave her role on The Real Housewives of Orange County. But, does that mean she would end up on The Real Housewives of New York City instead? Kelly’s feud with Tamra and Vicki could have her reconsidering staying on the series, as they have been feuding for the majority of Season 14.

What are your thoughts on Kelly Dodd’s engagement to Rick Leventhal? Do you think she got engaged to stay on the show? Or, do you think she’ll make the big move to the Big Apple? Share your thoughts below in the comments section and check out TV Shows Ace for more RHOC news.

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